6 Tourist Attractions in Bangka Belitung Islands

Bangka Island is the 9th largest island in Indonesia. Belitung Island is the twin island of Bangka Island that has been famous because of the best seller novel written by Andrea Hirata, titled Laskar Pelangi.

The union of these islands becomes a province, that is Bangka Belitung Province founded in 2000, with Pangkal Pinang as the capital city.

These islands have spectacular beaches. The big granites stones become the spectacular characteristic of these beaches. The beaches are still natural and suitable for you to release your stress and be chill there.

Besides the beach, Bangka Island also has Kaolin Lake. This lake is former tine mine, it has a blue color, beautiful and exotic.

Besides the beaches and Kaolin Lake that famous already. Bangka Island also has another tourist attraction that is also beautiful. Starting from the hills, waterfall, until the desert that will give you an unforgettable experience for sure.

Wanna know more detail about tourist attractions in Bangka Belitung Islands? Here is the information.

1. Kaolin Aek Biru Lake

kaolin lake is Tourist Attractions in Bangka Belitung Islands

As we mentioned, Kaolin lake is a former tin mine. After the tin was ruined out, this lake reflects a beautiful sky blue color. There is another lake beside Kaolin Aek Biru lake, which is Air Bara Kaolin Lake. If you want to feel a different atmosphere, you could come here in the evening and enjoy the stunning sunset.

2. Pelawan Namang Hill and Desert

Pelawan Namang Hill and Desert are located in Namang village

This tourist spot is also built from mining activity in Bangka land. Pelawan Namang Hill and Desert are located in Namang village. Recently be a new tourist destination that interesting to be visited. This hilly location that blends with the desert is located around 800 meters from Palawan Forest. The hot sun that shines on Bangka Island adds this place’s exotism and makes it like the Atacama Desert in Chile.

3. Matras Beach

Matras beach is located in the Sungai Liat subdistrict

This beach is located in the Sungai Liat subdistrict, 33 kilometers from Pangkal Pinang. Matras Beach is the longest beach in Bangka, so don’t be surprised if your view of the ocean seems infinite. Just only driving around 30 minutes from Pangkal Pinang, you could enjoy the blue of the sea, clear, and captivating. The smooth sand of the beach and also the magnificent granite along the beach are also attractive of this beach.

4. Tikus Beach

You must visit this beach. It's called Tikus Beach

You must visit this beach. It’s called Tikus Beach, which means Mouse Beach. Because there are a lot of mouse paths, I mean small streets that were being used by illegal miners to bring the tin. This Mouse Beach is flanked by two beaches, are Rebo Beach and Tikus Emas Beach. Tikus beach provides enough facilities like parking areas, dressing rooms, and a playground.

Tikus Beach is also commonly known as Vihara Beach. Because there are viharas on the hill, inside the beach area. You could climb to the Puri Agung Vihara and enjoy the beauty of Tikus Beach from there. This spot position is located at Northeast Bangka. This will be your right place to hunt the calm sunset.

5. Tenggiri Beach

The location of Tenggiri beach is next to Matras Beach.

The location of Tenggiri beach is next to Matras Beach. This beach is crowded enough with visitors. Because this beach has a famous resort, Parai Beach Resort & Spa. With its calmful wave, white sand, and sparkle sunrise, this beach becomes a favorite by tourists for sure.

Besides, enjoy the beauty of its nature. You could also do any marine tourism activities, like fishing or diving. It will be special because this beach is directly adjacent to the South China Sea that rich in biodiversity. To enter this beach area you will be charged 25,000 IDR or around 2$ USD.

6. Penyusuk Beach

Penyusuk beach is one of the beautiful beaches in the Belinyu sub-district

Penyusuk beach is one of the beautiful beaches in the Belinyu sub-district. Its strategic location makes it the center of the hopping island to Putri Island, and Lampu Island. It is different from another beach mentioned before because Penyusuk Beach is still natural. Penyusuk Beach’s position is on the north of Bangka Island. Making this beach also fun as a spot to hunt sunset.

Penyusuk beach has two sides of the shoreline with different depths. The calm shoreline is marked by the anchoring of small fishing boats. On the other hand, the deeper side of the beach has quite fierce waves.

Besides you can enjoy the waves and playing sand, you can also take fun photos in the weed area around the beach which is super instagrammable, you know!


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