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Top 5 Must Visit Destinations in South Sulawesi

Sulawesi Selatan literally means South Sulawesi, usually abbreviated as SulSel which came from its name. This province is well known for its beautiful beaches and tourist destinations. Indonesia indeed has many beautiful beaches. But nothing beats the beauty of South Sulawesi’s beaches for the blue sea, clear sky, romantic sunrise, and comfortable sands. If you are planning to visit Indonesia to step on the beach sands or get a view of lovely sunset or maybe just sit down while listening to the relaxing beach wave sound, South Sulawesi is your chosen paradise. However, it’s not always about the beach. There are some other themed places in South Sulawesi. So here we go, the top 5 must-visit destinations in South Sulawesi by Travelidi.


Pantai Losari

The first destination wins first place in the top 5 must-visit destinations in South Sulawesi for obvious reasons. It’s probably the most famous beach in South Sulawesi. Losari Beach offers you beautiful scenery and many activities. You can fish, ride an aquatic bicycle, ride a banana boat, and many more. You can also sail with a sailing boat that you can rent in the area of Losari beach. This beach was well known as the center of the local culinary market as you could find many options to satisfy your curious tongue along with the beach territory. Losari Beach also has a statue or monument which is really iconic and instagrammable.


Pulau Samalona

To visit this hidden gem, you will need to go here by renting a speed boat. This heaven on earth will offer you a diver and snorkeler dream. The view you can see underwater is extremely mesmerizing! Once you go snorkel, you will be welcomed by tropical fishes dancing and swimming among the beautiful coral. The combination of blue water, tropical fishes, and coral will color your holidays during your stay on Samalona Island. This makes Samalona Island worth the second position in the top 5 must-visit destinations in South Sulawesi.


Pantai Tanjung Bira

Welcome to the exotic Tanjung Bira Beach! This beach is located approximately 200 km from Makassar city, nearly equal to 6 hours of traveling by car. Yes, it’s a long trip but don’t worry, because you will be served with beautiful views during your travel from Makassar to Tanjung Bira Beach. Experience the soft white sands and blue sea water on this beach as you watch the making of the Phinisi Ship, the most iconic traditional ship from Indonesia, made by the Bugis tribe here.


Wisata Malino

As promised, we listed not only beach destinations but also other destinations. Malino Destination is a mountain full of tourist spots. You can find a tea farm, waterfalls, a pine forest, and many more in this place. Those spots, of course, will be good places for your Instagram posts.


Benteng Somba Opu

Let’s move to historical and cultural destinations now. Somba Opu Fortress is a luxurious fortress from the 16th century. Established by the Gowa Empire, this fortress was the center of trade and markets. During the colonization era, this fortress was used to trade spices and other commodity products. Around the fortress area, you can also find traditional houses and military inheritance from the colonial period. The value of the cultural and historical items here is worth being in the list of the top 5 must-visit destinations in South Sulawesi.

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