Top 15 Tourist Atttractions in West Java Indonesia

West Java region is indeed famous with its natural beauty that is rarely owned by other regions in Indonesia. There are lots of tourist attractions in West Java that become the target of tourists due to their popularity in virtual world and their exoticism.

West Java also has fresh air because it is surrounded by mountains which cause this region to own beautiful yet charming tourist attractions. Cultural and culinary attractions, beaches as well as entertainment places and uniquely-conceptualized dining places are other attractions exist alongside the natural tourism in this region.

These might be the reason that make tourists never get bored to explore various attractive tourist attractionsin West Java area. However, due to so many attractions in West Java, tourists find it difficult to determine their priority on what place to visit.

Well, in this article, we have made a list of 15 recommended tourist attractions in West Java to facilitate you in making your decision.

These are 15 Tourist Atttractions in West Java, Indonesia

1. Kawah Putih – Bandung

Kawah Putih which popular due to its beauty is located at the top of Mount Patuha, Ciwidey, South Bandung, this spot offers cool air with 8-22 degree of temperature.

On the way toward this West Java’s tourist spot, you could also enjoy an old tea farm with different nuance compared to other tea farms in general, such as those exist in Lembang and Puncak areas.

Be ready to get stunned by the exquisite and romantic charm of Kawah Putih due to its unique atmosphere of thick mist above the crater lake and the white and milk brown color of the lake. If the weather is currently hot, the color of the lake sometimes turns into an amazing turquoise color.

2. Stone Garden – Padalarang

Stone Garden, located in Mount Masigit, Cipatat is very exotic and suitable as a place to take pre-wedding photos so that it starts to become viral when it entered Facebook.

Previously, not many people knew the beauty hidden from the top of the Stone Garden hill. This rock-studded field is amazing, especially in the morning or at dusk when the sun sets.

After a bit of exploring the natural rocks of this ancient lake, you can enjoy a phenomenal view from the top of the hill. In addition to the vast expanse of the presented view, a stone garden at the top of the hill will make you feel like you are on a trip abroad.

You can watch the upright rocks with an artistic formation from the top of the meadow on the hill you climb. Many visitors have captured this moment with a background of open sky and green agricultural land as well as towering hills that lay before eyes.

3. Green Canyon – Pangandaran

Green Canyon which located at Kertayasa Village of Pangandaran is natural tourism that keeps thousands of charms, presenting its beauty in the form of very fascinating stalactite rocks.

Visitors can enjoy the high cliffs with the Cijulang River that flows beneath it and explore the cave around the river while hunting for photo spots. You can also try body rafting along the river below for 3 km, through the green trees on either side.

Body rafting is a tense water sport. You will go along the river in a period of about 3-4 hours with different conditions each time, ranging from calm to extreme water currents.

4. Alam Panenjoan – Purwakarta

If Bandung has a Kraton Cliff, Purwakarta has Alam Panenjoan located at Sindang Panon Village and has begun to be viral on the internet. The location is about 17 km from the city of Purwakarta. Panenjoan means a place to look, from this tourist spot in West Java, tourists can witness the beauty of a charming tea plantation.

In this particular tourist attraction of West Java, visitors can watch the natural scenery through a facilitated special balcony. This special spot is made of wood which can hold up to 40 people at once.

Tourists can also enjoy the beauty of the sunset that is very charming. Many visitors took their time to capture the beauty of nature at this favorite photo spot in Panenjoan.

5. Curug Cikaso – Sukabumi

Cikaso waterfall, located in Ciniti Village, South Sukabumi, is yet to be viral, but the beauty of the waterfall is undoubted. This tourist spot in West Java consists of three adjoining waterfalls and the pool below them has an exotic green-blue water color.

The height of the waterfall which reaches 80 meters and the width of the cliff that reaches 100 meters offers a view of the overflowing beautiful and charming water that is surrounded by green trees. The gushing water then creates an exotic and cool refreshing water mist.

The rumbling sound of the waterfall will produce beautiful natural music, while the dots of water appear to fall on the leaves produce a fresh atmosphere. You don’t need to go far abroad if in Sukabumi alone you can already witness a spectacular view like this.

6. Ujung Genteng Beach – Sukabumi

West Java region is apparently not only has natural beauty and entertainment tourism, it also has a row of beautiful white sandy beaches. One of these beaches that you can visit is Ujung Genteng Beach in Sukabumi which has six beautiful clear water beaches.

Besides having beautiful white sandy beaches, another interesting sight offered by this West Java’s tourist attractions is the sunset view. The sunset moment on this beach has become a hidden paradise that you can find only in this area.

For visitors who have a hobby of surfing, you can also surf on the beach which is famous for having these big waves. On the beach that is directly adjacent to the Indian Ocean and no less beautiful when compared to the beach in Bali; there are also green turtle breeding grounds. You can even witness firsthand when these animals lay eggs!

7. Panembongan Hill – Kuningan

If Purwakarta has Alam Panenjoan, Kuningan does not want to lose. In this tourist spot located at Tembong Village, Garawangi of West Java, you can witness the beauty of a stretch of manicured pine forest which also close to a water source from another perspective.

Like the Maribaya Lodge, located in Lembang, in this West Java’s tourist attraction, there are also two viewing posts made of bamboo as a place where visitors can enjoy a beautiful panorama and fresh air.

From the hill which is located 8 km from the center of Kuningan City, you are also recommended to take selfies with a backdrop of charming green scenery. In addition to the camping area and pre-wedding location, visitors can also try out exciting flying fox activities that can stimulate adrenaline. Unfortunately, the location of this tourist attraction is still quite difficult to reach, so you better use a motorbike than a car.

8. Karuhun Village – Sumedang

Karuhun Village is an integrated tourist spot with an eco park concept that combines natural beauty and tourist facilities. Therefore, this West Java’s tourist spot is very suitable for you who want to have a vacation in the Sumedang area. You can see the area of rice fields and verdant tropical forests in this tourist spot which located at Citengah, South Sumedang.

In addition, visitors can also enjoy the crystal clear river water and cool air, and take a walk among the tea plantations which are located at an altitude. For those who like selfies, there are many interesting photo spots, one of them is the padlock of love.

Tourists can feel the thick nuance of nature while sipping tea and light dishes such as boiled cassava, sweet potatoes, bananas, and beans at Sky Tea House. While those who like entertainment can enjoy riding ATVs, mud futsal, adventure tours, exclusive camps, and waterboom.

9. D’Jungle Private Camp – Puncak, Bogor

Do you want to refresh by camping in an environment that is still thick with natural nuances, without the need to bother of carrying camping gears? D’Jungle Private Camp which is located in Puncak, Bogor is a great choice because it offers a holiday experience with a fresh natural atmosphere.

Visitors can camp exclusively with full support of facilities in the open nature. So do not imagine that you will be bothered when camping here. In this location that close to a protected forest and far from residential areas, a complete tent with food and drink facilities has been prepared for you.

Tourist attractions that can be visited are also quite varied, such as fishing ponds, gardens, pools, camp fires, and trekking. In this West Java’s tourist attraction, there is also a special VIP bamboo house for groups. So if you want to camp, all you have to do is prepare a vehicle and bring personal equipment as needed, practical right?

10. Naga Village – Tasikmalaya

The famous Naga Village in West Java region presents a unique local wisdom culture. Until today, the layout and architecture of  houses located in Neglasari Village are still maintaining the natural authenticity from the past.

Residents in Naga Village reject the intervention from outside and still maintain the customary heritage of their ancestor. Therefore, Naga Village is also called unique village, which when viewed from a distance, we can see a row of roofs of houses made of palm fiber surrounded by green rice fields.

To get into this village in Tasikmalaya, you have to be prepared to climb 439 stairs which are quite tiring, especially for those who rarely exercise. However, despite the tiring journey, you won’t regret watching this beautiful, fertile village.

The brotherhood in this village is so thick that even the door to the house is rarely locked. In addition, visitors can also see the past Sundanese culture in this traditional village.

You don’t have to pay for entrance fee to get into this tourist spot. With a permission from elders and local community, you can even stay in this village for free. But, don’t be surprised if you wont find any electricity in this area.

11. Remis Lake – Kuningan

Remis Lake which located at the foot of Mount Ciremai, approximately 27 km from Kuningan City is quite popular as a natural and exotic lake tourism. This West Java’s tourist spot will be closer if traveled from Cirebon City which only takes about one hour trip.

Motorbike will be the proper transportation to reach the place. Winding but smooth and shady road will not be exhausting because you can watch the beauty of cool-air lake that is surrounded by dense pine trees. Besides relaxing, you could drive around the greenish lake with a duck boat.

You can also see a lot of people fishing on this lake and culinary tours to enjoy food offerings at a Sundanese restaurant with the nuance of water along the road toward the lake. Not far from this tourist location, there is also the Nilam Lake complex. In this place, there are many cottages out for rent and natural baths.

12. Mount Pancar – Puncak, Bogor

Mount Pancar which located in Citereup of Bogor is starting to get popular among tourists as an up-to-date tourist spot especially for teenagers who live in Bogor and the surrounding area.

You could find the beauty of pine trees, natural baths, and natural tourism while exercising in this place. Activities you can do in this West Java’s tourist spot are biking, hiking, camping, horse riding, exploring nature, tennis, and hot water bath.

Conference and seminar also often held in this place. But, what makes this West Java’s tourist spot very popular is the pine forest which is very cool for photographing.

So, you don’t have to go abroad to enjoy the natural beauty of pine forest with romantic, shady,  and cozy atmosphere, like you can find in Twilight movie. After satisfied picnicking in pine forest, you can relax by bathing in hot water.

13. Kawah Putih of Bodas Lake – Garut

Kawah putih is not only exist in Bandung, Garut also has Talaga Bodas with its white and turquoise crater which makes it very alluring. Its location is in the Districts of Pangatikan and Wanaraja.

Bodas Lake offers beautiful natural scenery, fresh air, and enchanting green hills. Visitors can soak in hot tubs that are available in this area. Hot water in Bodas Lake has a high sulfur level so it is believed as capable of curing all diseases.

This West Java’s tourist spot is very suitable as a destination to have a vacation with your family. Activities that can be done besides bathing in hot water are hiking, trekking, camping, and photograph.

You can enjoy this white crater from various angle based on your will. Every corner will give you amazing view. The beautiful panorama of white crater which is surrounded by heavy trees will be unfortunate to be missed. Don’t forget to walk down the crater and take photos of beautiful sceneries.

14. Sri Baduga Fountain – Purwakarta

This is maybe the first time you hear about fountain show in Purwakarta. Sri Baduga Fountain which has been said as the biggest in Southeast Asia is located in the area of Situ Buleud.

Visitors can witness the fountain that moves in harmony with the music, similar to the show in Dubai. This fountain has 100 water pipes that can emit 10 meters of water to the sky.

You can imagine the beauty of this waterpark with colorful fountain consisting of 100 water pipes surrounding 2 ha of water park. Unfortunately, to be able of enjoying this spectacular fountain, you have to come on Saturday night; the only time the dancing fountain show is held.

On the daily basis, this fountain is still emitting water but without the additional effect like the Saturday night show. Lots of visitors have made this West Java’s tourist spot as an interesting place to take pictures, especially at night.

15. Nusantara Flower Park – Cianjur

The last one, we will have a sneak peek into a flower park with fresh air because this area is located in a mountainous area. This Nusantara flower park which was initiated by Mrs. Suhardani Bustanil Arifin is highly suitable for you who want to take your children to play in a beautiful and vast park.

The entrance fee of this West Java’s tourist spot is relatively affordable, only Rp30,000 per person. With Rp30,000 you can take your little ones to play in various parks and attractions, such as water park, dino park, rose park, secret park/labyrinth, Bali park, France park, Mediterranean park, Japanese park, Palm park, and glass house.

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