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Things You Need to Know about Bromo Ijen Tour

Bromo ijen tourCraving for natural adventures in East Java? You can pick a Bromo Ijen Tour in three days. Welcome your morning by enjoying the sunrise at the top of Mount Bromo while witnessing the world wonder of Kawah Ijen’s blue fire of Banyuwangi. A recommended combination of tourist packages for a holiday that includes adventuring and hiking.

These are the tourist destinations in Bromo and Ijen

Penanjakan 1 Hill, is a place where you wait to see the sunrise in Bromo. Cinta Hill, Kingkong Hill, Seruni Point, and Mentigen are some other options that you can use to witness the Bromo’s sunrise.

penanjakan 1 hill, bromo ijen tour
Penanjakan 1 Hill

Bromo’s crater, from the parking area, to reach Bromo’s peak, you must walk or rent Bromo’s horses to reach the stairs and climb up 250 steps to get a close look at Bromo’s Crater.

Bromo's Crater
Bromo’s Crater

Bromo’s savannah hill is the only location in Bromo that presents a wide expanse of grass as far as the eye can see. However, you can only get the perfect scenery at the best time. The proper time to visit this location is during the autumn when the grass is green and flowers are blooming.

Savannah Hill, Bromo Ijen Tour
Savannah Hill, Bromo

Teletubbies hill is located in the same location as Bromo’s savannah. It was named Teletubbies hill because the small hills look like the kid series of Teletubbies.

Bromo Ijen Tour Destination, Teletubbies HIll
Teletubbies Hill, Bromo

Bromo’s whispering sands. A vast desert surrounds Bromo. It was named whispering sand because the sands will produce a sizzling sound when the wind blows.

Bromo Whispering Sands is destination of Bromo Ijen Tour
Bromo Whispering Sands

Luhur Poten Temple at the foot of Mount Bromo, the only worshipping place of Hindus in the area of Mount Bromo that is mostly used for a custom ritual of kasada Bromo ceremony.

Surabaya Bromo Ijen Tour
Luhur Poten Temple

Ijen Blue Fire is the only rare natural phenomenon in Indonesia and one of the two in the world. You have to climb Mount Ijen during the nighttime to see this world’s wonder.

ijen blue fire is a destination of bromo ijen tour
Ijen Blue Fire

Ijen’s sulfur crater is a crater in Mount Ijen in which the water is turquoise due to the effect of sulphuric acid.

Ijen’s sulfur crater
Ijen’s sulfur crater

Prepare these before taking Surabaya Bromo Ijen Tour:

Cold-protective clothing (thick jackets, masks, scarfs, beanies/headcovers, shoes, gloves)

Personal medicines, e.g., asthma Meds, Antangin, etc.

Cameras or other tools to capture your holiday moments in Bromo and Ijen

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