The 8 Best Tourist Destinations in North Sumatra (Indonesia)

Known as one of the largest provinces in Indonesia, North Sumatra has tourism potentials that cant be underestimated. You can find various tourist destinations in North Sumatra, starting from natural, cultural, historical, and culinary tourisms. All those things can be experienced by you during your visit to North Sumatra.

Not only offering fascinating charms, each tourist spot also consisted with interesting histories and uniqueness to be discovered. If you plan to visit North Sumatra in the near future, lets see the recommendation of eight tourist spots in North Sumatra.

These are 8 Best Tourist Destinations in North Sumatra, Indonesia

1. Sipiso-Piso Waterfall of North Sumatra

Located near the residence of Tongging’s Villagers, Merek District, Karo, Sipiso-Piso Waterfall offers natural charms that will make you amazed.

Located at an altitude of 800 MASL, Sipiso-piso Waterfall becomes one of the highest waterfall in Indonesia with the shower height reaches 120 meters.

The location of this waterfall is quite accessible, you only need to travel for 35 km from Berastagi or about 45 minutes of riding from the downtown of Medan.

The path toward this tourist area has also been managed properly, so every type of vehicles can pass it safely. Upon your arrival at this location, you need to prepare about Rp5,000 for the entrance ticket of Sipiso-Piso Waterfall.

2. Tinggi Raja Hot Snow of North Sumatra

If you are familiar with White Crater of Ciwidey, there is a similar destination in North Sumatra named as Tinggi Raja Hot Snow.

You must be wondering about the naming of this location, right? The word “snow” was chosen because there is a crater dominated with snow-like white color in this location. While the word “hot” was used due to the greenish-blue crater with high temperature.

To get to this tourist destination, you need a 3-hour ride from the downtown of Medan. From Medan, you will pass Lubuk Pakam, Dolok Masihul, Galang, and Bangun Purba areas.

On your arrival at the location of Tinggi Raja Hot Snow, you wont be charged with any cost. However, you need to pay Rp5,000 if you bring your own vehicle.

3. Mount Leuser National Park of North Sumatra

Administratively, Mount Leuser National Park is located in two different provinces, i.e. Aceh and North Sumatra. This condition is unsurprising, considering that the area of this tourist park reaches 1,094,692 ha.

This tourist spot is a forest area that stores various wildlife sanctuaries, such as Mount Leuser Wildlife Reserve, Kappi Wildlife Reserve, Kluet Wildlife Reverse, Gurah Tourist Park, and many others.

What interesting is, this national park became one of the world heritage sites stipulated by UNESCO. If you are interested to visit, please come between June to October. During these months, the rainfall is low, so it eases you to explore this national park. The ticket will cost Rp7,500 for domestic tourists and Rp225,000 for foreign tourists.

4. Toba Lake of North Sumatra

As the biggest lake in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, Toba Lake becomes one of the tourist objects you shouldn’t miss in North Sumatra.

There are many activities that you can do in this location, starting from observing the historical sites, visiting the Batak traditional house, and walking around the Tuktuk Siadong-adong Village.

To get into Toba Lake, you need to travel for 5 hours from the downtown of Medan. There are various transportations that you can choose, such as personal or rented vehicles, bus, or train.

No need to worry of having a little time to enjoy the entire charm of Toba Lake because you can stay overnight at many lodges available around the lake.

5. Samosir Island of North Sumatra

Samosir Island is one of the popular islands in North Sumatra. The location which is right in the middle of Toba Lake becomes a unique attraction for tourists.

There is a lot of exciting activities that can be done in this volcanic island, starting from the adventure in Marlakkop Cave, witnessing the Sigale-gale dance performance, touring around the Huta Balon Simanindo Museum, and enjoying the uniqueness of Batu Parsidangan.

There are three waterways of Toba Lake that you can choose to get to Samosir Island, namely the Harbors of Ajibata to Tomok, Tigaras to Smanindo, and through Muara to Nainggolan.

The Muara – Nainggolan route, can only be passed on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. Generally, all routes use ferries with tickets cost around Rp90,000-Rp100,000.

6. Rahmat International Wildlife Museum and Gallery of North Sumatra

Rahmat International Wildlife Museum and Gallery of North Sumatra [image source]

Since it was inaugurated on May 14th 1999, Rahmat International Wildlife Museum and Gallery became the popular educational tourist destination in North Sumatra.

This museum stores various collections of taxidermied animals as the hunting results from the every corner of the world.

Even though, all of those hunting results have been through the conservation by utilization (the world standard for wild animals hunting).

There are more than 2,000 of animals that you can find in this place. One of them is the group of African Big Five, which consists of the five biggest African mammals, namely elephant, white rhino, buffalo, lion, and leopard.

Interested to visit? You can go to Letjend S. Parman street, No.309, Medan to see the whole collection. This museum opens every Tuesday-Sunday from pukul 09:00 – 17:00.

7. Sorake and Lagundri Beaches of North Sumatra

For the watersport lovers, Sorake and Lagundri Beaches in North Sumatra are the location that you should visit. The reason is, both beaches have been crowned as the best surfing spot in the world.

These beaches are often used as the location of national or international surfing competitions, one of them is Nias Open.

The long roller makes the surfing actions to be more challenging. People believe that the positions of these beaches that are facing directly toward Indian Ocean had caused the wave to be high which reaches 7-10 meters.

Generally, the surfers from many countries visit the place around April to September. If you are interested to try, you can head toward South Nias Regency, approximately 12 km from Teluk Dalam.

8. Green Hill City of North Sumatra

Another alternative of tourist destination that you should visit during your time in North Sumatra is Green Hill City. Actually, Green Hill City is one of the elite residences in Sibolangit, Deli Serdang. However, you can find various family entertainment and amusement rides in this area. Starting from roller coaster, giant pinwheel, and 4D cinema, these are some rides that you can try.

If you are interested to try, you only need to prepare Rp10,000 per person for the entrance fee or Rp45,000 per person for the all-in-one pass.

No need to worry about the heat because the location of Green Hill City is close to Mount Sibayak which makes the air in here to be cool. So, what are you waiting for? So, have you decided the destination during your time in North Sumatra? These places will bring more excitement to your vacation in this Batak land.

Considering the numerous tourist spots in North Sumatra, you better prepare the vacation carefully. By that, you can enjoy every corner of North Sumatra with pleasure!

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