5 Popular Tourist Destinations in West Papua

Are you planning to have vacation to West Papua but don’t know where to visit? Here we summarize five main tourism destinations in West Papua.  Actually, West Papua has many interesting things to see, started from marine tourism in Raja Ampat regency which has been worldwide, archaeological site Tapurarang in Fakfak Regency, National Park of […]

The 8 Best Tourist Destinations in North Sumatra (Indonesia)

10 Popular Tourist Destinations In Banten

  The Banten Province which located at the western part of Javanese Island is having numerous beautiful tourist destinations and can be visited by you as well as with friends and families. Its location is very strategic. This Banten Province could become an alternative tourist destination besides Bandung and Bogor for the citizen of Jakarta […]

11 Popular Tourist Destinations in Aceh (Indonesia)

Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam or more popular as Aceh is a province located at the end of Sumatra Island. This province has tremendous natural beauty, from its beach to its mountains. There are many tourist destinations in Aceh. After experiencing heavy damage due to 2014 – Tsunami in most of its part, including the tourism spots, […]