The 8 Best Tourist Destinations in North Sumatra (Indonesia)

10 Popular Tourist Attractions in Jambi At Present

Jambi is refusing to lose in competing with other provinces in Sumatra Island, this province also provides stunning and special tourism potentials. Moreover, tourist attractions in Jambi become one of the greatest and most complete in the entire Sumatra Island.    Starting from exploring nature sanctuaries, finding white-sandy beaches and lakes with charming views, you […]

14 Tourist Destinations in Bengkulu Which Will Made You Fall in Love

Bengkulu is one of the provinces located in Sumatera Island. There are many Tourist Destinations in Bengkulu Which Will Made You Fall in Love. This province has a nickname of Bumi Rafflessia (the Land of Rafflesia) because this place is the origin habitat of corpse lily a.k.a Rafflesia Arnoldii which also the largest species of […]

11 Popular Tourist Destinations in Aceh (Indonesia)

Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam or more popular as Aceh is a province located at the end of Sumatra Island. This province has tremendous natural beauty, from its beach to its mountains. There are many tourist destinations in Aceh. After experiencing heavy damage due to 2014 – Tsunami in most of its part, including the tourism spots, […]