15 Must-be-Visited Tourist Attractions in Southeast Sulawesi Indonesia

Southeast Sulawesi Province has numerous potentials of tourist attractions that you should visit. Of many tourism potentials exist in this location, Southeast Sulawesi conceived millions of historical and cultural beauties. There have been many foreign tourists who went on holiday to enjoy the beauty of nature in Southeast Sulawesi. These are some tourist attractions that […]

15 Tourist Attractions in Gorontalo

Gorontalo is a relatively new province in Indonesia because it is the 32nd province. Gorontalo has officially become a province in December 22 2000, separated from North Sulawesi with Manado as the capital of the province. Gorontalo is also often referred to as the foyer city of Medina because it has a unique mosque. In […]

15 Must-Visit Tourist Attractions in West Sulawesi

West Sulawesi has numerous tourist attractions which quite appealing to be visited. Starting from the natural tourism, beach tourism, cultural tourism to culinary tour in which all of them have their respective attractiveness and uniqueness. Along with the annual development, the tourist attractions in West Sulawesi are getting more interesting and popular among tourists. Well, […]