15 Tourist Attractions in East Java (Indonesia)

East Java is one of the provinces in Indonesia that has a complete tourist attractions. This area offers various natural tourisms starting from mountains, beaches, caves, to waterfalls. Next, tourists who love playgrounds could also visit to several locations in Batu and Lamongan areas. In general, almost every regency or city in East Java has […]

Top 15 Tourist Atttractions in West Java Indonesia

West Java region is indeed famous with its natural beauty that is rarely owned by other regions in Indonesia. There are lots of tourist attractions in West Java that become the target of tourists due to their popularity in virtual world and their exoticism.  West Java also has fresh air because it is surrounded by […]

6 Tourist Attractions in Central Java that You Should Visit

If you come from outside Central Java, you must be interested to go on vacation to this area at least once. There is a tons of tourist attraction that can be explore during your visit to Central Java, not merely Semarang as the municipality but also its regions which have tourist destinations that can be […]

12 Popular Tourist Destinations in Jogja (Yogyakarta)

Who does not know Jogja? This city which located in Central Java has always crowded by tourists during the holiday. Jogja or Yogyakarta is the main tourist destination for Indonesian citizen second to Bali.    Just like its name: Yogyakarta Special Region, this city becomes really special because it is one of the cities in […]

10 Popular Tourist Destinations In Banten

  The Banten Province which located at the western part of Javanese Island is having numerous beautiful tourist destinations and can be visited by you as well as with friends and families. Its location is very strategic. This Banten Province could become an alternative tourist destination besides Bandung and Bogor for the citizen of Jakarta […]