Bali Uluwatu

5 Most Instagramable Tourist Spots in Bali

Most Instagramable tourist spots in Bali are some popular places in Bali with absolutely stunning views. Bali, the Island of God, has always been one of the most popular destinations in Indonesia.  The art can meet with the tradition while you can also enjoy the most beautiful scenery. Visiting beautiful places will never feel complete without taking some pictures for…

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5 Most Stunning Beaches in Bali

Stunning beaches in Bali must be on your bucket list when you visit Bali. A trip to Bali will never be complete if you have not visited some beautiful beaches around the area. Bali, the Island of God, has many beautiful beaches around the island. You Have to choose some of them and visit them during your holiday season. More…

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Kuta Bali

Budget Tips: 7 Affordable Homestays Around Kuta Area

Affordable homestays around Kuta Bali can be the best solution for budget travelers. Bali is one of the most famous tourist areas in Indonesia. Over the years, tourists from all around the world visiting Bali. Many of them are also budget travelers. In Kuta, you can find many budget hotels and also affordable homestays with a classic vibe of Bali…

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5 Best Hotels Within Walking Distance to Kuta Beach

Hotels within walking distance to Kuta Beach are the best choice for you and your family to spend the holiday in Bali. During the holiday season, the traffic in Bali, especially in Kuta is always crowded. If you want to move from one place to another place in a day, you need to spend a few hours driving. As a…

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