5 Popular Tourist Destinations in West Papua

Are you planning to have vacation to West Papua but don’t know where to visit? Here we summarize five main tourism destinations in West Papua.  Actually, West Papua has many interesting things to see, started from marine tourism in Raja Ampat regency which has been worldwide, archaeological site Tapurarang in Fakfak Regency, National Park of […]

10 Popular Tourist Attractions in West Sumatra At Present

West Sumatra is the province in Sumatra Island which located in the south coast. West Sumatra which is often abbreviated as West Sumatra is located in the west side of Barisan mountain, so it has a corrugated geographical formation, including hills and mountains. For you who want to travel to West Sumatra, this is the […]

The 8 Best Tourist Destinations in North Sumatra (Indonesia)

15 Tourist Attractions in East Java (Indonesia)

East Java is one of the provinces in Indonesia that has a complete tourist attractions. This area offers various natural tourisms starting from mountains, beaches, caves, to waterfalls. Next, tourists who love playgrounds could also visit to several locations in Batu and Lamongan areas. In general, almost every regency or city in East Java has […]

Top 15 Tourist Atttractions in West Java Indonesia

West Java region is indeed famous with its natural beauty that is rarely owned by other regions in Indonesia. There are lots of tourist attractions in West Java that become the target of tourists due to their popularity in virtual world and their exoticism.  West Java also has fresh air because it is surrounded by […]

10 Popular Tourist Attractions in Jambi At Present

Jambi is refusing to lose in competing with other provinces in Sumatra Island, this province also provides stunning and special tourism potentials. Moreover, tourist attractions in Jambi become one of the greatest and most complete in the entire Sumatra Island.    Starting from exploring nature sanctuaries, finding white-sandy beaches and lakes with charming views, you […]

6 Tips of Budget Travel Around Indonesia

1. Conduct a research on your destinations This destination research is crucial for you buddy, besides having a head start on “what is there”? “what to do there”? And “how long should you spend your time there”? You could also begin to determine the destinations that merit your expectations.  image from pixabay The source of information […]

15 Must-be-Visited Tourist Attractions in Southeast Sulawesi Indonesia

Southeast Sulawesi Province has numerous potentials of tourist attractions that you should visit. Of many tourism potentials exist in this location, Southeast Sulawesi conceived millions of historical and cultural beauties. There have been many foreign tourists who went on holiday to enjoy the beauty of nature in Southeast Sulawesi. These are some tourist attractions that […]

15 Tourist Attractions in Gorontalo

Gorontalo is a relatively new province in Indonesia because it is the 32nd province. Gorontalo has officially become a province in December 22 2000, separated from North Sulawesi with Manado as the capital of the province. Gorontalo is also often referred to as the foyer city of Medina because it has a unique mosque. In […]

6 Tourist Attractions in Central Java that You Should Visit

If you come from outside Central Java, you must be interested to go on vacation to this area at least once. There is a tons of tourist attraction that can be explore during your visit to Central Java, not merely Semarang as the municipality but also its regions which have tourist destinations that can be […]