6 Tourist Attractions in Central Java that You Should Visit

If you come from outside Central Java. You must be interested to go on vacation to this area at least once. There is tons of tourist attraction that can be explored during your visit to Central Java. Not merely Semarang as the municipality but also its regions which have tourist destinations that can be explored.

These are 6 tourist attractions in Central Java that you should visit

1. Baturaden of Central Java

baturaden of central java is tourist attraction in central java
Baturaden of Central Java

For you who love to enjoy the beauty of nature. You can enjoy the exquisite views that exist in Baturaden along with its fresh air. In Baturaden areas, tourists could also see the Purwokerto City and the outstanding beaches available in Cilacap.

Pancuran Pitu is one of the places which become the favorite of tourists due to its top hot water bath. Located in Mount Slamet, precisely toward the south, there is one tourist attraction named Wana Wisata Baturaden.

This place is more popular with its green natural forest and highly recommended for tourists who love to hike. Wana Wisata is only 2 km away from Baturaden. In addition, there is a zoo named Kaloka Widya Park. Which also has a museum of the skeleton of Indonesian native animals.

Baturaden has one more place that should be known and visited by tourists. Namely Teater Alam where a show by Foxer 28 airplane of Garuda Indonesia is presented.

Tourists are allowed to enter the plane. And there is a film about the tourism potentials of Banyuman which can be watched there to improve the knowledge regarding natural wealth owned by our beloved homeland.

The duration of each watched movie can be up to 15 minutes. To enjoy all entertainment in Baturaden, the ticket is only 14 thousand rupiahs.

2. Borobudur Temple of Central Java

borobudur temple is tourist destintaion in central java
Borobudur temple of Central Java

If you love historical tourism sites. Borobudur Temple is the right site to visit and can be the perfect area for photography.

Not only the structure of the temple which can be admired due to its high value of art but also its charming surrounding views that tourists will never regret.

Open from 6 am to 5 pm, Borobudur Temple has 504 Buddhist stupas and 1,460 reliefs within its blocks which can be enjoyed by visitors by only paying for Rp.12,500 for kids and Rp.30,000 for adults.

While for the foreign tourists, the entrance fee of Borobudur Temple is USD 10 for kids and USD 20 for adults. Another advantage is that tourists can reach this location so easily, both with large and small vehicles.

3. Laweyan Batik Village of Central Java

laweyan batik is a tourist attraction in central java
Laweyan Batik village of Central Java

For tourists who love to hunt and collect batik, it is highly recommended to visit this old Laweyan Batik Village. Even when compared to the Kasunanan Palace, the place is still older and its batik has been long existed, namely from the reign of the Pajang Kingdom around the 16th century in Central Java.

When you enter the area of Laweyan Batik Village, you will be surprised by European architecture which is very memorable. In Laweyan, the houses are truly impressive, it feels like you are in Europe where the buildings are very sturdy and majestic that was known to have once been inhabited by batik merchants.

When you at Laweyan, please explore the shops one by one to buy your favorite batik or learn how to make batik.
The price of batik that being offered varies and is very relative; starting from tens to hundreds of thousands for printed batik, and millions of rupiah for written batik.

4. Jatijajar Cave of Central Java

Jatijajar Cave is located in Ayah District, precisely in Jatijajar Village
Jatijajar Cave of Central Java

Nature lovers will definitely fall in love with this tourist spot due to its natural cave which is located in Ayah District, precisely in Jatijajar Village which can add to your exciting experience during the vacation in Central Java.

Formed from limestone, this cave presents an extraordinary view once visitors have entered it. There are ornaments of limestone poles, stalagmites, and stalactites plus deodrama fruit and 32 statues that can be watched by visitors.
When you get to the basement, some spring or what we know as the underground river will be seen.

Of the four springs there, Mawar Spring is quite famous, because it is believed that visitors who can reach and wash their faces from the Mawar Spring stream will stay young.

Meanwhile, if you take a shower or wash your face with the stream of Kantil Spring, whatever you wish will come true. With the most recent e-ticketing system, visitors can enjoy this cave from 9 am to 5 pm.

5. Ketep Pass of Central Java

This Ketep Pass is a perfect location to see Merapi volcano and its ash clouds.
Ketep Pass of Central Java

In Central Java, any tourism object, even charming views of the hills and mountains are very attractive. This Ketep Pass is a perfect location to see Merapi volcano and its ash clouds.

Not only that, there are Panca Arga Terrace, Binoculars, Volcanology Museum, Viewing Post, and Mini Cinema as tourist facilities in Ketep Pass which can be enjoyed as well.

Come to the Panca Arga Terrace and there are five mountains that can be witnessed through the available binoculars in this area, namely Mounts Slamet, Merbabu, Sumbing, Sindoro, and Merapi.
One more binocular is provided at the Viewing Post which can clearly be used to admire the beauty of the natural surroundings.

No wonder the Ketep Pass is included in the most favorable tourist attractions by tourists when traveling in the Magelang Regency.

The entrance fee is moderate, because per visitor only needs to prepare Rp.7,500 to be able to witness the natural charm available in this area.

6. Fort Vander Wijck of Central Java

In Fort Vander Wijck, there are various kinds of games and playgrounds for children.
Vander Wijck fort of Central Java

This fort was built during the Dutch colonial period. In Fort Vander Wijck, there are various kinds of games and playgrounds for children.

Some of them are mini trains, paddle boats, swimming pools, trains on the fort (mini trains whose rails are on the roof of the fort, so the trains run around the roof of the fort), and many more.

Much historical information will be found about Fort Vander Wijck once you enter the fort. For those of you who like selfies or photography. It is most exciting capturing photos from the roof of the Fort.

With the unique shape of the roof, terraced triangles, with beautiful surroundings, it would be nice to take photos in this place.

Oh, yeah, Fort Vander Wijck has also been a filming location for The Raid, you know! Cool! Fort Vander Wijck is located in the Gombong area of Central Java.

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