6 Tips of Budget Travel Around Indonesia

These are 6 Tips of Budget Travel Around Indonesia

1. Conduct research on your destinations

This destination research is crucial for you buddy, besides having a head start on “what is there”? “what to do there”? And “how long should you spend your time there”? You could also begin to determine the destinations that merit your expectations.

The source of information to conduct research is currently overflowing; you could find it from some social media or travel guide books. Once again, destination research is necessary for you who plan trips by adjusting to your budget because there are so many benefits that you can get from knowing the destinations that you’ll be visiting.

Make sure that you adjust your time and stamina while researching destinations you’ll be visiting because some tourist attractions might look close but will quite far due to some reasons, such as the access and the condition of the location. So, make sure that you don’t force the program if you want to travel alone without using the local agency.2. Come at the right season

Before packing your backpack or suitcase, please double-check the date and weather on your departure. Even though Indonesia only has two seasons, it does not mean that all tourist destinations are convenient to be visited at any time.

Some destinations are less convenient to be visited during the rainy season (ex. Karimunjawa, Green Canyon, etc.) due to murky water and waves. However, this should not prevent you from traveling here because Indonesia is a vast country, so find places that will be convenient for you at your departure date.

For you who want to save the budget during traveling, you must calculate the expense spent during the vacation; you should consider the local climate to avoid wasting your time as well as matching your desire.

However, there are times when you have to avoid certain seasons such as the High Season because some facilities including accommodations and transportations will have their prices soared during this period.

3. Participate in Open Trip Programs

This can be one of the alternatives for you to compare the price with the budget you have because many travel agencies sell various packages of tourism around Indonesia at relatively low prices.

Comparing the price which is generally offered by Travel Agencies, will also become your reference for traveling. If your calculated budget is also escalating, participating in these open trip programs should become your solution.

Following the program determined by Travel Agencies will make your trip more manageable, you will acquire new friends as well. Thus, this can be one of the suitable alternatives for you who want to travel with a proper budget.

4. Becoming a Member of the Tourist Community

Various benefits can be acquired by you in becoming a member of the tourist community; besides having new acquaintances, you will able to interact directly with native people from the destination you want to visit.

This can be done by exchanging phone numbers, etc. Commonly, the member of the community will help you with your arrival in the location/city where they live and pleasantly accompany you to travel into the destination you want to visit.

By joining a particular community, you will add more non-local friends which will ease your way into a region with the help of your new friends. However, you have to be careful because the people you’ll find in Media might not be valid, so you have to make sure that you acquire them from several sources to be prevented from unwanted cases.

5. Minimize the Entrance Ticket Fee of Tourist Attractions

Entering monuments, museums, attraction spots will cost high entrance fees for you. So make sure you go to the place you want to visit. If only for grabbing pictures to envy your friends, you better stay at the entrance without having to pay the ticket for entering the place.

There are many free activities in Indonesia, for instance, walking through pedestrians and canals, hangout in plazas, watching street musicians, or having a picnic in public parks.

Find information from local people lodges or fellow travelers about which tourist attractions which free or even free clubbing sponsored by discotheques. If you have a strong determination to enter every tourist attraction and stay more than a couple of days in a city, you should buy tickets to some tourist attractions which will save more of your budget.

6. Travel Light

You should not determine your destinations in a hurry to make them easier and cheaper because this is one of the most effective ways for you who want to adjust the budget you have.

Prevent yourself from bringing a lot of clothes and shoes, adjust them with the season, so you don’t have to purchase more. Wash your clothes diligently. Bring your detergent and hand-wash 1-2 of your clothes while taking a bath because you would rarely find a place to wash clothes in some remote areas of Indonesia.

Practically, bring some disposable underwear. Still, consider that your backpack is heavy? If you plan a trip to a particular place, put your belongings in the locker provided in some secure storage. Bring essential things only like a wallet, camera, document, and phone in a small bag.

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