5 Popular Tourist Destinations in West Papua

Are you planning to have a vacation to West Papua but don’t know where to visit? Here we summarize five main tourism destinations in West Papua.

Actually, West Papua has many interesting things to see, started from marine tourism in Raja Ampat regency which has been worldwide, archaeological site Tapurarang in Fakfak Regency, National Park of Cenderawasih Bay in Wondama Bay Regency, etc.

Here are 5 Popular Tourist Destinations in West Papua, Indonesia

1. Archaeological Site Tapuarang

The site is located in Kokas District, Fakfak Regency, West Papua. It is a prehistoric heritage which is human and animal palm painting on the steep rocky cliff. The prehistoric painting can be found in Andamata, Fior, Forir Darembang, and Goras.

It is very interesting because its hundred-years age and made from natural dye so that it is clearly seen until the present. The cliff red color resembles human blood color so that the local societies call it a blood hand stamps painting.

2. The Maritime Tourism in Raja Ampat Regency

The natural beauty under the sea in Raja Ampat Regency has been well known worldwide. Only 35 of 610 islands are inhabited by the population. The coral reefs in Raja Ampat waters are assumed as the most complete in the world because 75% of 537 coral types in the world can also be found in this water. At least 1,104 fish, 669 mollusk, and coral animal types are found in Raja Ampat water.

3. TWA Meja Mount, Manokwari

Natural Tourist Park of Meja Mount is located in the center of Manokwari city. This place has the main function for tourism and natural recreation, life support system protection, and flora, fauna, and natural uniqueness type diversity preservation.

Here you can do some activities such as tracking, hiking, etc. you will be entertained by the various tropical forest floras that have unique shapes. This place is believed to have hundreds of types of forest, dozens of shrubs, liana, ferns, and herbal plants.

Besides, a dozen of orchid, palm, rattan types also live here. To reach this place, you can go by taxi bike from the city center Manokwari which costs IDR 10,000- 15,000. You will see very beautiful scenery during your trip. You can see Manokwari and Doreri bay which pops up among the trees.

4. National Park of Cenderawasih and Wondawa Bay

Besides Raja Ampat, this place has also been worldwide among underwater nature lovers, especially diving lovers.  The place is the largest national park in Indonesia which 89.8% of the area is seawater. It is recorded that approximately 209 fish types live in the area, such as butterflyfish, angelfish, damselfish, parrotfish, rabbitfish, and anemonefish.

Besides, four turtle types often land on this national park, such as hawksbill, green, lekang, and leatherback turtles. Even mermaids, coconut crabs, dolphins, and sharks are often seen in the National Park of the Cenderawasih Bay area.

Other than marine tourism, there is a natural cave which is ancient time heritage, a hot water source that contains sulfur without salt content in Misowaar Island, underwater cave in Mangguar Bay.

A number of the 18th-century heritage can be found in some places such as Wendesi, Wasior, and Yomber. Many Christians visit the church in Yende village (Roon Island) to see the bible which was published in 1898. There are 2 accesses to reach this place, which is from Manokwari or Nabire.

From Manikmari to the national park location (Rumberpon Island), you can use a longboat for 5.5 hours or Manokwari to Ransiski subdistrict by car for three hours and continue by motorboat for 2.5 hours.

5. Culinary Tour in Berlin Wall, Sorong

Sorong is not only a transit place before directing to Raja Ampat, because you can see and taste many interesting things, such as culinary tour in “Berlin Wall”.

The name “Berlin Wall” or “Tembok Berlin” is taken from the wall which separated West and East German although what you can see here is not similar to it.  Berlin Wall in Sorong is the long border between the beach and the street of the seashore.

In the afternoon, this area is usually used as a tourist and society’s gathering spot to see the sunset. While in the night, it becomes a place to eat, especially seafood.

Many fish types of various sizes are displayed in front of the shop. Besides the fish, there is a complete grill with people who are ready to grill selected fish. Other than culinary tours, there are also typical Papua souvenir sellers.

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