Gorontalo is a relatively new province in Indonesia because it is the 32nd province. Gorontalo has officially become a province in December 22 2000, separated from North Sulawesi with Manado as the capital of the province.
Gorontalo is also often referred to as the foyer city of Medina because it has a unique mosque. In addition to having a nickname that is different from other cities in Indonesia, Gorontalo also has very diverse tourist attractions, ranging from religious to natural tourisms. Are you curious about the tourist attractions of Gorontalo which famous due to their attraction to be explored? 

These are 15 tourist attractions in Gorontalo.

1. Layang Hill of Gorontalo

layang hill gorontalo indonesia
Layang Hill, Gorontalo [image source]
The first tourist attraction in Gorontalo is Layang Hill which located in Siending Village, Hulonthalangi District, Gorontalo. This tourist attraction offers nature tourism hills that are very spoiling our eyes. And from this location you can enjoy the view of the city of Gorontalo from the top of the hill.

2. Diyonumo Island of Gorontalo

diyonumo island gorontalo indonesia
Diyonumo Island, Gorontalo [image source]
Well, this is one of Gorontalo’s natural attractions that have extraordinary natural beauty, namely the natural tourism of Diyonumo Island, located in Diyonumo Island, East Sumalata, North Gorontalo. This tourist attraction is located precisely in Deme 2 Village of Sumalata District. This island is still not much discovered and its natural beauty can still be guaranteed.

3. Walima Emas Mosque of Gorontalo

Walima Emas Mosque of Gorontalo
Walima Emas Mosque, Gorontalo [image source]
The next tourist destination is a religious tourism of Walima Emas Mosque which located in Bongo Village, Batuda Pantai District, Gorontalo. This mosque is located on the hills and has a direct view to the sea so that the scenery seen from this mosque is very mesmerizing.

4. The Tourist Attraction of Cinta Island

cinta island gorontalo indonesia
Cinta Island, Gorontalo [image source]
The next tourist attraction is a beach tourist attraction located in Gorontalo. One of them is the beach of Cinta Island that located in Cinta Island, Boalemo Regency, Gorontalo. This place not only offers a beach attraction, you can also rent romantic accommodations. This island is very suitable to be made as a destination for honeymoon.

5. The Religious Tourist Village of Bongo

The Religious Tourist Village of Bongo
The Religious Tourist Village of Bongo, Gorontalo [image source]
Similar to Bandung, which has many tourist villages with unique and artistic buildings, Gorontalo also has a village that is not less attractive namely Bongo religious tourist village located in Bongo Village of Gorontalo City. This place is suitable as a tourist attraction for families

6. Didingga Waterfall of Gorontalo

Didingga Waterfall, Gorontalo [image source]
Gorontalo is also as attractive as Bogor which has a lot of waterfall attractions. Didingga Waterfall is the place, located in Didingga Village, Biawu District, North Gorontalo Regency. You should visit this tourist attraction due of its location which yet to be much discovered by tourists so the natural attractions are still looking very natural.

7. Kurenai Beach of Gorontalo

kurenai beach gorontalo indonesia
Kurenai Beach, Gorontalo [image source]
The next beach tourism of Gorontalo is the Kurenai Beach which located not far from the downtown of Gorontalo. This place becomes a favorite tourist attraction due to its location which close to the downtown of Gorontalo and its mesmerizing view.

8. Dunu Beach of Gorontalo

dunu beach gorontalo
Dunu Beach, Gorontalo [image source]
Similar to the Gunungkidul of Yogyakarta which is rich of its beautiful beaches, Gorontalo also has fascinating beaches and interesting to visit. Namely Dunun beach located in Monano district of North Gorontalo Regency. The distinctive feature of this beach is its long coastline with white sandy beaches surrounded by hills around the coast.

9. Taludaa Waterfall Tourism

Taludaa Waterfall Tourism
Taludaa Waterfall, Gorontalo [image source]
Still discussing about the waterfall tourisms exist in Gorontalo namely the Tuladaa Waterfall which located in Ilohuuwa Hamlet, Bone Disctict, Bone Bolango Gorontalo, this waterfall is still natural and beautiful.

10. Limboto Lake of Gorontalo

Limboto Lake, Gorontalo [image source]
The next natural tourism in Gorontalo is Limboto lake which located in Limboto District of Gorontalo. For the photographer, this tourist attraction provides various attractive objects to complete your personal photo collection. In a plain view, the character of this lake is similar to wadaslintang reservoir in Wonosobo. 

11. Olele Marine Park

Olele Marine Park, Gorontalo [image source]
Still discussing about the marine and island tourisms that exist in Gorontalo, namely Olele Marine Park which located in Olele Village of Kabila Bone District Gorontalo. This this place offers seawater tours and beaches.

12. Tenilo Beach of Gorontalo

Tenilo Beach of Gorontalo
Tenilo Beach, Gorontalo [image source]
The next beach attraction is Tenilo Beach which located in Boalemo Gorontalo. The character of this beach is similar to the beaches in Bali such as vast shallow beaches.

13. Saronde Island of Gorontalo

Saronde Island of Gorontalo
Saronde Island, Gorontalo [image source]
The next natural tourist attraction in Gorontalo is Saronde Island, located in the northern Gorontalo area. Similar to Cinta Island, besides offering the coastal view, this place also has interesting lodging and a suitable place for honeymoon.

14. Mananggu Beach of Gorontalo

Mananggu Beach of Gorontalo
Mananggu Beach, Gorontalo [image source]
The last beach attraction is Mananggu Beach, located in Boalemo, Gorontalo. The characteristic of this beach is almost the same as the beach in Pacitan with a lot of rocks on the beach.

15. Tenilo Waterfall of Gorontalo

Tenilo Waterfall of Gorontalo
Tenilo Waterfall, Gorontalo [image source]
The last tourist attraction is Tenilo Waterfall which located in Boalemo, Gorontalo. This waterfall is still natural and there are only few tourists who have visited visit this place.
That is all for now for a review about tourist attractions in Gorontalo that you should visit. If you have a review of tourist attractions in Gorntalo that we haven’t published yet please share them through the comments column or contact us so we can follow up. Share this article to let others know that Gorontalo is a fragment of heaven in Indonesia that most people don’t know about.