Our time won’t be enough to really travel and explore each corner of Bali Island. The place won’t stop giving surprise with its natural beauty. It is not surprisingly why Pulau Dewata or Bali becomes one of the most popular tourism destinations in Indonesia, even the world. 

Although it is known with very great beaches, it is not the only magnet which becomes the attractiveness. Your love to Bali hasn’t been proven if you don’t know the following hit tourism places in Bali.

1. Tirta Gangga of Bali

tirta gangga is best place to visit in bali
Tirta Gangga, Bali [Image (c) @notjusttraveling]
Besides beaches, Bali has very epic historical kingdom heritages to explore such as Tirta Gangga which is located at Abang Street, Amlapura, Karangasem Regency, Bali. 

Decorated with stone pool in which goldfishes live and surrounded with water fountain makes you automatically pose as a queen if you step on it. Anyway, the entrance ticket is only Rp 30,000 ($2,5). 

2. Lempuyangan Temple of Bali

lempuyangan temple is best place to visit in bali
Lempuyangan Temple, Bali [Image (c) @thebaliguideline]
Since the majority populations hold Hinduism religion , temples becomes the praying places which you can easily found in Bali. 

One of the most beautiful temples that makes you fall in love with is Lempuyangan Temple in Bunutan, Abang, Karangasem Regency. 

The Agung dashing mountain will become your photo background, plus golden-hour sun welcoming the dawn and dusk. It’s very magnificient.

3. Jasri beach of Bali

jasri beach is best place to visit in bali
Jasri Beach, Bali [Image (c) @nafiyathemoon]
It becomes the plus value for lovers located in Jasri Beach, Pertima, Karangasem Regency, Bali. 

Besides, the beach has super Instagenic photo spot with a swing facing to the beach. 

If you have altitude phobia, it’s better taking the photo by sitting or standing backing to the camera.

4. Ice Cream World of Bali

ice cream world is best place to visit in bali
Ice Cream World, Bali [Image (c) icecreamworld.bali]
Separated from plagiarism issue towards Ice Cream Museum, Los Angeles, United State, Ice Cream World Bali becomes a destination searched by many tourists. 

This new tourism place which is located at By Pass Ngurah Rai Number 4, Denpasar becomes the heaven for aesthetic photo hunters. 

Rooms contain of cute themes, cheerful colors, and super Instagenic properties make you feel unsatisfied feeling to stop pressing shutter button. On the last trip, you can enjoy ice cream with various tastes.


5. Hidden Canyon, Beji Guwang of Bali

hidden canyon is best place to visit in bali
Hidden Canyon, Bali [Image (c) @hiddencanyonbejiguwang]
This tourism place which has a “hidden” element is guaranteed to make all people in the universe jelous. Hidden Canyon Beji Guwang can be said as a hidden treasure in Bali. 

It is located at Sahadewa Street, Gianyar Regency, Bali. This very magnificent canyon does not only attract domestic but international visitors.

6. Karma Kandara Beach of Bali

karma kandara is best place to visit in bali
Karma Kendara Beach, Bali [Image (c) @karma.kandara.bali]
If you arrive at Karma Kandara Beach, you won’t think of visiting Kuta Beach if you visit Bali in the future. The beach located in Ungasan Village, South Kuta SUbdistrict, Badung Regency has a very calm atmosphere because of far from the urban areas. 

The location is in remote area. Soft and white sand with as clear water as crystal is the best companion you can find here. 

7. Bali Safari Park of Bali

bali safari park is best place to visit in bali
Bali Safari Park, Bali [Image (c) @kamidiaradisti]
Do you know, Bali Safari Park has ever got Indonesia Award Winning Theme Park! It’s different to two other Safari Parks. The genuine Balinese atmosphere is created here with many carvings and statues in it. 

Animals which live in it come from India, Africa, and Indonesia endemic animals. The park is located at Bypass Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra Street, approximately 17 kilometers from  Denpasar. 

8. Gemitir Garden of Bali

gemitir garden is best place to visit in bali
Gemitir Garden, Bali [Image (c) @balinikibali]
It can be said that Gemitir Park exists from an accident. It was initially a vegetables field owned by local people. 

It becomes very hit because of marigold Flower Park, a super aesthetic flower type which originally comes from Central America has grown. Many travelers visit it because of its very beautiful view. 

9. Sharma Springs Bamboo of Bali

sharma springs bamboo villa is best place to visit in bali
Sharma Springs Bamboo, Bali [Image (c) @journey.bali.island]
If you come to Bali for staycation or to relieve your fatigue, Sharma Springs Bamboo Villa can be one of the best references. 

This place will give your zen back even if you don’t go anywhere because you will see the beauty of Ayung river and beautiful forest. And the bonus? You can take photos on this instagrammable bamboo installation. 

10. Aling-Aling waterfall of Bali

aling aling waterfall is best place to visit in bali
Aling-Aling Waterfall, Bali [Image (c) @miwholelife]
This latest Bali tourism place will make you forget that it’s not a personal waterfall because of its private and calm atmosphere which are rarely visited by visitors. The 12-metres-waterfall is surrounded by cliffs, lush trees and clear water.