15 Tourist Attractions in East Java (Indonesia)

East Java is one of the provinces in Indonesia that has complete tourist attractions. This area offers various natural tourisms starting from mountains, beaches, caves, to waterfalls. Next, tourists who love playgrounds could also visit several locations in Batu and Lamongan areas.

In general, almost every regency or city in East Java has its own remarkable destination. Well, in this article, we will discuss 15 tourist attractions in East Java, which are the best and always be hunted by tourists during the vacation. These are the whole reviews.

These are 15 Tourist Attractions in East Java, Indonesia

1. Mount Bromo of East Java

mount bromo is a tourist attraction in east java indonesia
Mount Bromo of East Java

This mountain which is located in Probolinggo offers three charms that cannot be easily resisted. The first is its vast sea of sand. Walking from the parking lot toward the peak of the mountain will make you feel like you are in the middle of the desert.

Mount Bromo is the icon of East Java that has been known globally. Every year, thousands of foreign tourists from Europe came to this tourist attraction of East Java, especially during the summer. They want to see the magic of Mount Bromo that stands 2,329 MASL with their own eyes.

Second, instagrammable distant views. From the Pananjakan area, you can witness the sun rises through the mist. The third is the sensation of riding a horse in a dessert. If you don’t have the strength to do the journey, rent a horse to reach the foothills then climb the stairs toward the peak.

2. Ijen Crater of East Java

Ijen Crater has successfully become the second icon of East Java
Ijen Crater of East Java

The attraction offered by East Java’s tourist destination is its unique sulfur mining activity. There are dozens of people who mine since the early morning to carry blocks of sulfur stone down the mountain. On top of that, Ijen Crater also has blue fire as one of the world’s best natural phenomena.

Ijen Crater has successfully become the second icon of East Java in which its popularity is not inferior to Bali. Located around the Banyuwangi area, this mountain crater that continuously produces sulfur becomes the destination for tourists who want to experience minor hikes while witnessing amazing landscapes.

During the dawn, the area of this crater is radiating a fire-like blue color. To witness this phenomenon, tourists must depart at 01.00 or 02.00 am so the sunlight won’t obscure this amazing phenomenon.

3. Jatim Park of East Java

play in jatim park of east java is so funny
Jatim Park of East Java

In Jatim Park 1, you can continuously play to your satisfaction with every ride provided. Next, in Jatim Park 2, you can enjoy two interesting attractions. First, there is a Batu Secret Zoo that contains numerous animals from various parts of the world. The second is an animal museum that collects preserved animals for educational purposes.

Jatim Park 1 and Jatim Park 2 are the playgrounds located in Batu City. These playgrounds offer dozens of unique rides which fit children and adults. With an Rp100,000 entrance fee during the weekend and Rp70,000 during the weekday, you can experience an exciting holiday sensation.

If you wish to visit this tourist attraction of East Java, you are recommended to come during the weekdays. During the holiday or weekend, this spot will be fully crowded, thus, you cant enjoy the whole attraction.

4. Angkut Museum of East Java

we can study about plane at angkut museum of east java
Angkut Museum of East Java

This Angkut Museum is still within the area of Batu City as the tourism center of East Java. This tourist spot of East Java offers various collections of vehicles for transportation from the ancient to the modern era. There are bicycles, motorcycles, cars, and miniatures of airplanes that being displayed to attract many tourists.

Besides offering various collections of vehicles, the museum which was built on hectares of the area also has a themed section. A particular section of this museum was designed to be similar to Hollywood and Ancient European regions. On some occasions, there is a carnival-like parade.

With more than 300 pieces of vehicle collection, this Angkut museum is suitable to be made as a photographic spot. Each day, hundreds of people hunt photos of attractive spots or do selfies with their friends.

5. Klayar Beach of East Java

Klayar Beach of East Java is a beautiful beach
Klayar Beach of East Java

If Bali has Devil’s Tear, Pacitan has Klayar Beach which offers the splash of water into the air. When the waves hit the reefs, the droplets of water will be splatted into the air, thus, everyone who stands near the location can be soaking wet without having to jump into the sea.

Tourists who come to Klayar Beach could enjoy the view of coral hills engraved naturally by water and big waves which simultaneously creates attractions. On top of that, its surrounding area is still natural because this beach is well managed by the local government.

Oh yes, because this Klayar Beach is located in the Indian Ocean, the waves are fierce. Moreover, the water waves are always changing each day, so it is not suitable for swimming or other marine activities.

6. Gili Labak of East Java

Gili Labak can be accessed through a motorboat which costs Rp350,000 of rent per 15 people. After visiting the Kalianget area, tourists can witness the blue and clear ocean as well as the small island that consists of soft white sand.

After going around the main island area, we will now continue to the Madura region that surprisingly offers an attractive destination. In Sumenep area, there is an island named Gili Labak which its beauty is equal to Gili Trawangan existed in Lombok region of East Nusa Tenggara.

In this East Java tourist attraction, tourists can do interesting activities such as swimming in calm water, walking around the island which is not so big, and snorkeling to enjoy the beauty of coral reefs. Gili Labak is an appealing and quiet alternative to island tours in East Java, even in Indonesia.

7. Baluran National Park of East Java

This Park is located in two regions, namely Situbondo and Bayuwangi.
Baluran National Park of East java

This Park is located in two regions, namely Situbondo and Bayuwangi. With 25,000 hectares of area, this park is divided into several different areas. First, there is a mountain area with Mount Baruan as the highest peak. Then, there are seasonal forests, mangrove forests near the beach, and savanna.

The most attractive attraction in this national park is its vast savanna. During the rainy season, this area will be fully green and filled with many wild animals. Tourists who come to this East Java tourist destination could see wild buffalos, bulls, coyotes, deer, roes, and leopards.

To enjoy various animals and natural landscapes, tourists can visit some observation posts in Batangan, including Bekol, which have a lot of peacock, partridge, and deer; Bama, which is located near the beach; Manting; as well as Kalitopo.

8. Penataran Temple of East Java

Penataran Temple is located in Blitar Regency of East Java
Penataran Temple of East Java

What interesting about this Penataran Temple is its existing reliefs. There are some stories engraved on the relief about Anoman Obong, the life during the royal era, and some reliefs of foreign people. It was believed that in the past, the empires in Nusantara had established cooperation with foreign nations, such as America. Penataran Temple is located in Lebar Regency near the Kelud Volcano.

The complex of this temple, which was built by three royal dynasties is the largest in East Java. Tourists can witness the main altar, the building of the naga temple as well as angka tahun and petirtaan temples which are located in the back.

To enter this East Java tourist destination, no entrance fee is required. Tourists may give donations and fill the guest book. Every four months, art performances often being presented during the nights of the full moon in the middle of this temple by inviting foreign and local artists from across the country.

9. Gong Cave of East Java

Gong Cave is the most beautiful cave in Southeast Asia that offers the beauty of stalactites and stalagmites as well as the natural carvings within it. Tourists who wish to enjoy this East Java attraction must pay Rp5,000 as the retribution fee. In addition, the visitors can rent a flashlight for Rp5,000 because the inside part of the cave is very dark.

By entering the cave, tourists can witness some massive stalactites and stalagmites. Those rocks which formed for million years are named with Javanese names such as Selor Giri, Selo Pakuan Buwono, and Selo Bantara Angin to make them more attractive and conceive the magical sense.

According to their names, some rock parts of the cave will generate a loud sound if they are hit. A loud gong sound will echo that makes it sounds like a gamelan show. It won’t be surprising if the big area of this cave had been made as to the musical concert spot of four nations.

10. Sukamade Beach of East Java

There are many of turthele at Sukamade Beach of East Java
Sukamade Beach of East Java

Unlike other beaches that are fun to enjoy in the morning or the afternoon, this beach is more fun to enjoy during the nighttime. Tourists who come to this East Java attraction will be invited to find sea turtles which about to lay their eggs in the sand.

That is why tourists have to come during the night and follow the order of the ranger. The most fascinating thing during the visit to Sukamade is its challenging trip. Before heading toward the mess area, tourists have to pass a road full of steep rocks through the middle of the forest for 3-4 hours. After arriving at the mess, tourists will have a little break before continuing the night trip.

While guiding the tourists, the ranger will forbid anyone to bring any lamps or flashlights. This exploration requires dim circumstances because sea turtles are easy to get stress and afraid of lights. They will stop laying their eggs and return to the sea if there is any noise or bright light.

11. Coban Rondo Waterfall of East Java

Coban Rondo Waterfall is a primary destination in Batu, East Java
Coban Rondo Waterfall of East Java

The second is its charming landscapes. This area is filled with dense forests because it is located at the foot of a mountain. Wild animals like apes, sometimes came down in the morning or the afternoon seeking food or waiting for tourists who often give them something to eat.

Coban Rondo Waterfall is a primary destination in Batu besides its various playgrounds. Located on the mountain slope, this waterfall offers three charms to the visitors. First, of course, its splattering water from the top of the hill gives a fresh dew effect despite the heat of mid-day temperature.

The last is mancakrida area. The tourists who visit this place can participate in exciting outdoor activities. Flying fox, tree-climbing, and other games that require agility are available. And also, a labyrinth which suitable for photo-hunting activity is available not far from the main location.

12. Lamongan Marine Tourism of East Java

Let's visit Lamongan Marine Tourism of East Java
Lamongan Marine Tourism of East Java

Due to its location that is near the beach, most of the rides of this East Java tourist spots are related to water. Tourists can play in a pool with various slides, ride a canoe on the beach, and enter the terrifying ghost house to test their guts.

Next, this area also has a butterflies museum that keeps numerous collections of insects from various regions of Indonesia. Lamongan is located in a coastal area, thus, this region has quite hot air. However, thousands of people came to this place every day to enjoy the excitement of Lamongan Marine Tourism or WBL. This playground which was established in Tanjung Kodok has become the place to spend the weekend with various interesting rides.

The entrance ticket of WBL costs Rp100,000 during the weekend and Rp70,000 during the weekdays. With this ticker, tourists can enjoy every ride available starting from 08.30 until the facility is closed at 16.30. Don’t forget to purchase delicious gifts during your visit to WBL, such as Wingko Babad.

13. Plengkung Beach of East Java

High wave on Plengkung Beach of East Java
Plengkung Beach of East Java

Besides its massive waves, Plengkung Beach also has beautiful sceneries. Tourists can relax by the beach or stay at some lodgings built around this East Java tourist spot. And last, for you who want to learn surfing, you can follow a short class available in this place.

Plengkung Beach or often referred to as G-Land is a very unique beach in Banyuwangi. Each day, dozens of tourists came to this place to surf on its waves. The waves in this East Java tourist attraction are known as one of the best waves in the world, so their existence has always drawn the attention of foreign surfers.

Pantai Plengkung is the right place to visit during the summer because the road won’t be soft and the waves will not be too dangerous to learn surfing. It is quite difficult to enjoy the beauty of this beach during the rainy season.

14. Trowulan Ancient Site of East Java

Learn history at Trowulan Ancient Site of East Java
Trowulan Ancient Site of East Java

This site is located downtown and its ancient complex is spread across several places. To be able of visiting every interesting place, you are recommended to come with personal vehicles such as a motorcycle or car. Besides Panataran Temple, the most fascinating ancient site of East Java is located in Trowulan-Mojokerto.

In the past, this area was the municipality of Majapahit to the time the empire fell apart. Lots of cultural heritage sites exist in this place, including temples, bathing pool (kolom segaran), and gapura (gate) that is believed as showing the house of Gadjah Mada.

Besides having various cultural sites, Mojokerto’s Government also made the village near the temple the tourism site. A room similar to the ancient building was built in the front part of the local houses which can be used as a shop or a place for tourists to relax should they got exhausted from exploring Trowulan.

15. Madakaripura Waterfall of East Java

Feeling fresh and watching beautiful scenery at Madakaripura Waterfall of East Java
Madakaripura Waterfall of East Java

A long ride is required to reach this East Java tourist destination. From the parking area, tourists have to walk several hundred meters to reach the location. They have to pass paddy fields, muddy roads, and a river to finally arrive at this waterfall which will become murky during the rainy season. Madakaripura Waterfall is another best attraction owned by Probolinggo besides Mount Bromo.

This high and majestic waterfall offers the beauty of green hills overgrown by moss, the moist air flowing down a waterfall, and the space between cliffs which is good for taking photos.

Besides the scenery and landscapes, the most interesting thing about this waterfall is its legend. In the past, it is believed that this waterfall has been used by the powerful Patih Gadjah Mada to meditate and receive Moksha. However, he was missing in this place and had never been found since. Based on this tale, a massive statue of Gadjah Mada was built at the front gate of this waterfall.

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