15 Must-Visit Tourist Attractions in West Sulawesi

West Sulawesi has numerous tourist attractions which quite appealing to be visited. Starting from the natural tourism, beach tourism, cultural tourism to culinary tour in which all of them have their respective attractiveness and uniqueness.

Along with the annual development, the tourist attractions in West Sulawesi are getting more interesting and popular among tourists. Well, for you who plan the trip to this cocoa-producer province, you need to look at these tourist attractions.

These are 15 Must-Visit Tourist Attractions in West Sulawesi

1. Manakarra Beach of West Sulawesi

Manakrra Beach is located at Mamuju City; a tourist attraction which always crowded with visitors every day. This beach is fit for you who want to relax and release your fatigue while enjoying the beach view.

During the afternoon and the night, most of the visitors are the teenagers who hang out with their friends. There are lot of street vendors and stalls that can help the visitors if need anything during their time at the beach.

2. Karampuang Island of West Sulawesi

With 6 km2 of area, Karampuang Island conceives the wealth of exquisite marine biota. There is a wooden dock built from the coast toward the sea which 500 meters in length. In this island, there are sumur tiga rasa which more popular with the name of sumur jodoh.

In here, you could also find Goa (Cave) Lidah, although the mouth of the cave is mall but the area inside the cave is very large with sturdy walls. The snorkelling lovers should visit this place to enjoy its charming underwater scenery.

3. Tamasapi Waterfall of West Sulawesi

Tamasapi waterfall has 75 meters of height in which its water flows from Tamasapi River. To reach this tourist attraction, we have to walk for 1 km. However, this distance will not discourage us, instead, we will enjoy the road condition step by step toward the waterfall which very cool and beautiful.

During the durian season, you can buy this fruit from local people with cheaper prized, having the durian while relaxing and looking at the beauty of the waterfall will be more enjoyable. The current of this waterfall is quite heavy but if you can still play in the water around the waterfall area.

4. Pattudu Party of West Sulawesi

Pattudu Party is not a tourist attraction but an activity or event organized for children who have finished Qur’an reading. The event which also referred to as Sayang Pattudu or dancing horse is held once a year during the maulid month.

Each region will has their own event with different number of participant and in different time. You should watch this event because we will see a uniqueness in which the children who have finished Qur’an reading will be paraded by horse riding.

5. Indo Rannuang Waterfall of West Sulawesi

This waterfall is located around 8 km of Polewali City. The scenery of this waterfall becomes more gorgeous and natural with Limbong Sitodo River that flows under it.

Around the waterfall and the river there are dense rocks and tress, thus, the atmosphere of this place is beautiful with fresh and cool air. The water that flows is crystal clear and clean.

You could swim or bath around the waterfall or the river. This spot is one of the primary tourist attraction for the local government due to its amazing natural charm.

6. Lombang-Lombang Beach of West Sulawesi

The beach which located 30 km from the Mamuju City is having wonderful beach and sea beauty. A smooth stretch of black sand across this beach will spoil your feet while walking on the beach. Swimming will be safer due to its low tide.

You can also do snorkelling or play water sports. Some of the facilities and tools needed are available there, we could just only rent them at affordable prices. During the weekend, the beach management often holds free music and art performances.

7. Palippis Beach of West Sulawesi

Palippis Beach has an incredible charm. Not only the beach which appealing but also the exquisite natural atmosphere because the beach is surrounded by green hills.

This beach also has rocks with 30-80 meters of height, very suitable as the spot for rock climbing. There is also a cave located on a hill near the beach, which is a plus of this beach. This white- sandy beach is located about 2 km from Polewali.

8. Dato Beach of West Sulawesi

Dato Beach has clean white sand, with its clear sea water, the underwater scenery can be seen from above the sea surface. This beach has a tropical beach nuance and its beauty is still well preserved.

There are large rocks as high as 20 meters that we can ride, and from above we will see how amazing the scenery on the beach is. At the top of the reef we can also enjoy a very beautiful sunset moment. There are stairs that have been prepared to go on the top of the reef.

9. Mampie Beach of West Sulawesi

Mampie Beach is often used as a family holiday destination during the weekend. Spending time with your family while enjoying a beautiful view of the beach is absolutely a very precious moment.

This beach represents a brackish ecosystem, and local people use the east coast as the location for seaweed cultivation. The beach location can be reached by two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicles. Passing through villages and paddy fields will add more excitement when visiting this beach.

10. Gonda Beach of West Sulawesi

Gonda Beach is still relatively new as a tourist spot, but the beauty of this beach is undoubtable. You can do various activities such as snorkelling, walking through the mangrove forest, playing with small fish and seeing jellyfish.

On this beach we can swim, and this place is quite safe for the beginners to learn to swim. Only with a depth of 2-3 meters we can see various forms of beautiful coral reefs. The management provides diving tools so you don’t have to bother carrying it from home.

11. Limbong Kamandang Waterfall of West Sulawesi

This waterfall is located about 35 km from the City of Polewali, with its exotic scenery, it is not surprising if this tourist spot is always attracting tourists.

Not only the waterfall that we can enjoy, but there is an agro-tourism where we can get fresh fruits during our visit here. There are three villages that we will pass when we go to the waterfall area. Those villages are Riso Village, Kalimbua Village until we reach Kurra Village.

12. Labuang Beach of West Sulawesi

Labuang Beach has a large array of rocks, stretching from west to east with a very natural shape. The rocks are still connected to the rocks on Palippis Beach, only the two are located in different sub-districts.

Labuang Beach is perfect for sunset hunters, because the scenery at sunset looks very beautiful in this place. In some rocks there is a quite deep basin, we can trace it but must be willing if the shirt gets wet.

13. Gusung Toraja Island of West Sulawesi

Gusung Island Toraja has pure white sand so it is often called White Sand Island. Although the island is uninhabited, there are facilities that already provided by the local government such as buildings and gazebos that we can use to place luggage.

But we have to bring enough lunch because there is no food vendor or the rental of diving equipment. We can dive while enjoying the beauty of the coral reef. The view of the sunrise and sunset here is no less beautiful, so it is a pity if you do not take your time to this island.

14. Anjoro Pitu of West Sulawesi

Anjoro Pitu is a tourist attraction in West Sulawesi which defined as Kawasan Kelapa Tujuh (Coconut Seven Area). This hilly tourist attraction is often visited by tourists, because from this place we can see the entire scenery of the city from above.

The view of the city will be more beautiful if we come in the afternoon or evening. On top of Anjoro Batu we will witness the sights of the cliffs, such as the expanse of the high seas and Karampuang Island.

15. Rawa Bangun of West Sulawesi

Rawa Bangun is a very beautiful tourist attraction, and filled with trees and various other types of plants. When we enter Rawa Bangun the natural feel will be very cool, calm and truly natural.

Within this area, there is a swimming pool where the water is directly streamed through the river (Blue River’s flow), with two showers that endlessly filling the pool water.

Near the pool there are 3 fish ponds, and the ponds hold the water that overflows from the pool, because the flow of water from the shower never stops.

Of course it is very refreshing if we take a bath there. In addition, there is a gazebo in the middle of the pool, which is very suitable for relaxing while enjoying the surrounding atmosphere.

Those are 15 amazing tourist attractions in West Sulawesi. Of course there are many other tourist attractions if we want to explore more spots in this province. Sulawesi does have a beautiful natural beauty, but if we still want to enjoy its beauty, don’t forget to take care of it from the greedy hands of humans. Hopefully this will be useful and have a nice holiday!

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