14 Tourist Destinations in Bengkulu Which Will Made You Fall in Love

Bengkulu is one of the provinces located in Sumatera Island. There are many Tourist Destinations in Bengkulu Which Will Made You Fall in Love. This province has a nickname of Bumi Rafflessia (the Land of Rafflesia) because this place is the origin habitat of corpse lily a.k.a Rafflesia Arnoldii which also the largest species of flower in the world.

Although its popularity is not as famous as Lampung, Bengkulu has tourism potentials which not less interesting and still rarely visited by many people. These are 14 tourists destinations in Bengkulu that should be visited by you. One of them is the UNESCO’s world heritage!

These Are 14 Tourist Destinations in Bengkulu Which Will Made You Fall in Love

1. Taking Pictures in the Instagram Worthy Spots of Mas Harun Bastari Lake

Mas Harun lake is actually small compared to other lakes in Bengkulu. However, this lake is considered as unique because there is a C-shaped small island located in the middle of this lake.

The gorgeous mountainous atmosphere also becomes its own uniqueness for the visitors. At present, the tourist area of Mas Harun Lake has been equipped by various supporting facilities such as toilet, café, villa, and boat to go around the area, colourful cabins, bird cage at the top height even a dancing waterfall during the night.

2.  Toward the Peak of Exotic Batu Kandis Hill

If climbing the Kaba Hill has not triggered the adrenaline, then, you should try to sit on the top of Batu Kandis Hill in Central Bengkulu. To reach the top you should do a rock climbing for 125 meters.

This Batu Hill is indeed very unique because there is a pool with clear water which never dries. Besides rock climbing, you could also try outdoor sport activities such as motor cross and off-road in the area around the hill.

3.  Body Relaxation in Curup Hot Water Splinter

Since the past, the local community has been recognizing that this hot water splinter conceives the efficacy to heal various kinds of disease.

Its clear hot water with no smell of sulphur becomes the main superiority of this hot water splinter. It wont be surprising if this area has been crowded by the local community who want to bath.

The unique is, not far from this hot water splinter, there is a cold waterfall with approximately 90 meters of height. There is no a better time to bath while enjoy a waterfall view like this.

4.  Enjoying the Charm of the Dead Crater from the Peak of Kaba Hill, Bengkulu

For you who hike, a visit to Kaba Hill is a must. Kaba Hill is actually an active volcano and located inside the Natural Tourism area as the conservation area of the giant flower of Rafflesia Arnoldii.

With the 1,937 m.a.s.l of height, the new hikers/climbers could easily reach the peak without any significant obstacles. At the peak, there is a camping site which always fully-crowed during the holiday.

The charm of Kaba Hill is on the dead and living craters as well as the panorama of Bengkulu’s forest area from a spectacular height.

5.  Wonderful Nine-level Waterfall

If in normal occasions you only find waterfalls with one water spout and pool below them, in here, you can see nine-levelled water spouts along with the nine pools.

The route toward this waterfall is one of the protected forests inhabited by the natural wealth of flora and fauna. During the trip, put attention to your left and right, you might possibly find the giant flower, Rafflesia Arnoldii.

6.  Exoticism of Rock Cliff (Tebing Batu) and the Freshness of Kepala Curup Waterfall

The spout of this waterfall is very heavy. At the past, the energy of this waterfall was used as a hydroelectric power plant.

With a height 100 meters, this waterfall stands majestically and elegantly between cliffs and the green of wild forests. There is a bat cave on its rock cliff. Don’t forget to bring your packed meal because food vendors are still unavailable in here.

7. Finding Peace in Dendam Tak Sudah Lake

Not only having a unique name, this lake has sophisticating view as well. In the area around the lake, you will find various rare plants, like sun orchid or Sumatran typical primate such as siamang.

This lake keeps numerous mites and unique stories about the origin of its name. Besides enjoying the nature panorama, you could also enjoy the Bengkulu’s special culinary including perut punai, lempuk and tat cake.

8.  Relaxing in Hidden Waterfall, Mingga Waterfall

This waterfall is still considered as new and has not much published. The water is crystal clear because it directly comes from the mountain, black rocks which are surrounding the water flow of this waterfall give exotic and challenging impression.

If you are afraid of heights, you can just play around the waterfall and take pictures between the stunning black rocks. To get here, you need to conduct a quite long trip namely around three hours from the downtown of Bengkulu City. Due to its route which still unfamiliar for public, it would be better to hire a local man as the tourist guide.

9. A Serene Twilight Panorama in Panjang Beach

Panjang Beach has a long coastline which stretches to 7 kilometres. This beach is the icon of tourist destination in Bengkulu.

Its white sand and row of pine trees along the coastline area become its own uniqueness. The facilities for the tourists have been complete as well. This beach can be reached in 9 minutes from the downtown of Bengkulu City.

10.  Manula Beach, A Beach with White Splendid Cliffs

Manula Beach is located in the borderline of Lampung and Bengkulu. Although its location is quite far from the downtown of Bengkulu City, the view of this beach is second to none.

High cliffs and the waves of this beach provides impressive holiday experiences. One thing to be noted: you should come during the low tide to enjoy the view, you cant play around the cliff area during the high tide.

11. The Splendour of Musi Ujan Mas Hydropower Plant Which Fun for Taking Pictures

Musi River is one of the longest rivers in Indonesia and much more known in Palembang. But, do you know if the head of Musi River is located in Bengkulu? The headwater of Musi River is located in Ujan Mas, Kepahiang, Bengkulu.

In this area, the Musi Ujan Mas Hydropower Plant was established which gives beautiful panorama as well as the splendour scenery of a Hydropower Plant building.

12.  Visiting a Beach and a Lake at the Same Time, Padang Betuah Beach

Padang Betuah Beach is indeed not having the white sand but its attraction is not inferior compared to other beaches exist in Bengkulu.

This beach has its own uniqueness namely the red cliff as the border of water and land areas. In addition, you could also see a natural lake located in several hundred metres from the coastline. Very unique right? The beach and the lake are in the same location as well.

13.  Examining the Quiet Beach in Bengkulu, Linau Beach

For those of you who like to explore the underwater world of Indonesia, you must visit Linau Beach. The cluster of underwater corals is still natural and beautiful; the charm of the beach is no less beautiful.

White sand and clear blue beach water are the main sights that you can find here. Not only doing a nature travelling, you can also enjoy a delicious meal of fresh octopus from traditional fishermen.

14. Baai Island Beach and Mangrove Forest Tourism

The location of Bengkulu Province Bengkulu Province which extends west of Sumatra Island, has a large number of mangrove forest areas, one of them is the Baai Island.

Here you can rent a local fishing boat to explore the stretched green mangrove forest. On the beach area of Baai Island, you can also play with beautiful white sand or take a picture with a lighthouse named as the red lantern in the port of Baai Island.

The tourist destinations in Bengkulu are interesting aren’t they? You don’t have to go on vacation abroad if there are so many interesting places to visit domestically. So lets visit Bengkulu!

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