12 Popular Tourist Destinations in Jogja (Yogyakarta)

Who does not know Jogja? This city which located in Central Java has always crowded by tourists during the holiday. Jogja or Yogyakarta is the main tourist destination for Indonesian citizen second to Bali.

Just like its name: Yogyakarta Special Region, this city becomes really special because it is one of the cities in Indonesia which still own a royal family. The royal family of Yogyakarta is ruled by a Sultan which until present still highly respected and honoured by the native people of Yogyakarta.

Another specialty of this city is various heritage temples spread among its region. The temples in Yogyakarta are even categorized as one of the world heritage sites.

Beside temples, Yogyakarta also has other tourist destinations, either cultural tourism, shopping tourism, or culinary. You will take quite a long time to explore Jogja, one or two days wont be enough.

1. Borobudur Temple of Jogja

Borobudur Temple has been famous around the world. This temple is on the list of UNESCO’s World Heritages. This temple is the largest and most complete Buddhist Temple in the world.

Seen from above, the structure of Borobudur Temple resembles a lotus flower which will be very sophisticated if seen during the sunrise or sunset.

Located around 40 km northwest of Yogyakarta, this temple which has 72 stupa has always been the main destination of tourists, either domestic or overseas.

2. Prambanan Temple of Jogja

Prampanan Temple, Jogja [image credit: @freencheese_travel]
Another famous temple is Prambanan Temple. Located around 17 km of the downtown of Yogyakarta, Prambanan Tempel is the largest Hindu Temple in Indonesia.This temple has reliefs which tell story about Ramayana and Krishnayana.

The Rama-Shinta show is also performed at this temple. At normal days, this show is performed inside a theatre room, during the show almost always performed in an open space during the full moon with Prambanan Temple as the background providing beautiful scenery.

Due to its location which not too far from the downtown, thus, it wont be so hard to reach this place. Public transportations are also available toward this place for you who don’t bring personal vehicles. This place is never less attractive compared to new tourist attraction that keep emerging in Jogja.

3. Indrayanti Beach of Jogja

Indrayanti Beach is one of the beach destinations in Jogja which has been quite popular at present. With a clean white sand landscape typical of the south coast, beautiful scenery, and complete facilities, this beach has become the destination of tourists.

In addition, its location does not distance too far from other popular beaches, such as Krakal Beach, Sundak Beach, or Pok Tunggal Beach. So, you could visit various tourist destinations which not so far from each other at one time.

4. Nglambor Beach of Jogja

A beach for fun snorkeling is also available in Yogya, especially in Nglambor Beach. Not like the other beaches, a lagoon with calm water is available in here. In addition, there are various unique and enjoyable spots for taking pictures. You could also get across a small island by using rope bridge while test your guts! You have to visit this Jogja’s tourist destination.

5. Pok Tunggal Beach of Jogja

Another beach to visit in Jogja by you is Pok Tunggal Beach. The beauty of this beach is not inferior to other beaches in Yogyakarta. The facilities are indeed not as complete as other places you’ll find the scenery worth the experience.

6. Malioboro Street of Jogja

The most popular street in Yogyakarta is the Malioboro Street. You will find street vendors and small shops along this street that sell various products from clothes, handcrafts and foods. One of the unique thing about Malioboro is the street food vendors. These food vendors will open after 5 p.m.

The Malioboro street will be much crowded at night because there are some street musicians who will entertain the visitors with their songs. Aside from that, during the night, you can see some people wearing various types of custom which allow you to take pictures with them without being paid.

Malioboro street will always interesting to be visited. The atmosphere of this street is indeed unique, for you who seek for night tourism in Yogyakarta, you could have a relaxing walk at this street. Malioboro street can be said as one of the photographic spots that should be visited in Jogja. The vacation will not feel complete if you don’t take pictures in this street.

7. Beringharjo Market of Jogja

Beringharjo Market is located in Malioboro Street. This oldest market in Yogyakarta has been known as the place where tourists buy souvenirs with a cheap price.

Various products are available in this market, from batik, traditional food, old money, basic ingredients of traditional herb (jamu) and antiques. It would not feel complete if you visit Yogyakarta without visiting the Beringharjo Market as one of the legendary places in Yogyakarta.

8. Fort Vredeburg Yogyakarta of Jogja

There is one more place in Jogja which close to Malioboro. Fort Vredeburg is also located at Malioboro Street, precisely in front of Agung Mansion. The fort which now has become a museum contained with the diorama about the history of Indonesia which very suitable to be visited by you who want to get some knowledge about Indonesian history.

During special occasions, this place is also made as the place to organize cultural festivals. If you just want to relax while enjoying the atmosphere of this Dutch fort then you should visit the café which serves Dutch foods that located inside the fort namely Indische Koffie.

9. Ullen Sentalu Museum of Jogja

Ullen Sentalu Museum is located at Boyong Street, 25 km of West Kaliurang, Sleman, Yogyakarta. This Sleman’s tourist destination is built above the 1.2 hectare of area with temperature ranged between 15-20oC.

The architecture of this museum is quite unique, the entrance consists of steps, turns, and labyrinths toward one of the exhibition rooms located below the ground.

Ullen Sentalu museum contained collections about the history and culture of Mataram Empire as the embryo of Yogyakarta and Solo Empires. Visiting Ullen Sentalu will improve your knowledge regarding the history of Javanese Culture.

The guide in this museum will give explanations about the details of every art objects inside the museum. Ullen Sentalu musem has a very tight rule. The visitors are not allowed to take pictures of all objects that being showed within the museum during the tour.

Its really unfortunate but the value of this rule is that you will really focus in listening to the guide, enjoying the time, and respecting the art objects within the museum. Ullen Sentalu museum is worth it to be visited as the educational and cultural tourist destination.

10. Keraton Yogyakarta (Yogyakarta Palace)

One of the other cultural tourist destinations in Yogyakarta is Keraton Yogyakarta. This keraton is one of the historical buildings of Yogyakarta Sultanate inhabited by Sultan and his family.

There is also a museum within this building which shows the objects of Yogyakarta Sultanate from household goods to unique objects that some of them are the gifts of European King.

The best time to visit Keraton is in the morning because this place only open until 2 pm. If you are interested, you could hire a guide provided by Keraton to explain about the architecture and history of Keraton with a cheap price.

11. Taman Sari Jogja of Jogja

At the past, Taman Sari Jogja is the recreation and meditation place of Yogyakarta’s royal family. The charm of Taman Sari place is on its antique architectural beauty and sophisticated view.

This palace is built to honour the service of Sultan’s wives who had helped during the war period. This palace is surrounded with flower garden which gives fragrant smell to the environment.

12. Merapi Volcano Museum of Jogja

This is one of the tourist destinations in Kaliurang that should be visited. Merapi Volcano Museum is officially opened in 2009, and located about 5 km from Kaliurang.

This museum is the centre of education and information regarding volcanoes and other geological disasters. The artwork which illustrates the tale of Merapi’s origin is also exhibited in this place.

Hope this recommendation of tourist destinations in Yogyakarta can be useful for you. Have a good vacation!

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