10 Popular Tourist Attractions in West Sumatra At Present

West Sumatra is the province in Sumatra Island which located in the south coast. West Sumatra which is often abbreviated as West Sumatra is located in the west side of Barisan mountain, so it has a corrugated geographical formation, including hills and mountains. For you who want to travel to West Sumatra, this is the short review of tourist attractions in West Sumatra.

These are 10 Popular Tourist Attractions in West Sumatra At Present

1. Caroline Beach of West Sumatra

Caroline Padang Beach or Teluk Bungus Beach becomes another prove that the natural charm in West Sumatra is undoubtable.

This beach was known as a private beach because it was rarely visited by tourists. However, at present, Caroline Beach has transformed into a tourist attraction of West Sumatra, especially in Padang that is crowded with tourists.

Tourists who come to this location can witness its uniqueness. This Caroline beach is known to has a unique coastline which shaped like W or a heart. If you bring a drone to this beach, this heart-shaped beach will look clearly from the air.

2. Lubuak Rantiang of West Sumatra

Just recently, there is a new spot for travelling around the koto tangah, namely Bangek River. Bangek river may be popular among the Padang citizen. But what we mean is the Lubuak Rantiang.

The location is not so far from the bathing spot of Bangek River. It requires about 1-hour trip to go to this location because the terrain is still quite rough. In addition, the access is still poor and the place is still unpopular.

3. Padang Beach of West Sumatra

Padang Beach is located in the downtown of Padang. Taplau Beach becomes the best place to release the fatigue from everyday activities.

In Padang Taplau Beach, the visitors can enjoy the sun which slowly descending toward the dusk, then starts to touch the horizon and spreads the last light.

Padang Taplau has several food merchants in tents along the seashore, especially the beach in front of the Cultural Park. You can enjoy cold beverages or snacks.

As the relaxing companion, you can buy some boiled peanuts or eggs sold around by merchants or Padang-specialized rujak (salad) to be enjoyed during your evening.

4. Siti Nurbaya Bridge of West Sumatra

One of the tourism icons in Padang City of West Sumatra is Siti Nurbaya Bridge. This bridge is one of the massive bridges stands above Batang Arau River.

This length of this bridge is approximately 100 meters with 600 meters of total length from the start to end. This bridge also connects kota tua of Padang with Siti Nurbaya Park, where Siti Nurbaya is buried.

5. Pasir Jambak Beach of West Sumatra

Pasir Jambak Beach is popular with its natural beauty that makes the visitors delighted with the charm presented by the nature.

This Pasir Jambak Beach is one of the beach attractions that becomes a unique prima donna for the beach lovers.

This beach is only 17 km away from the downtown of Padang. Therefore, the trip won’t be far and pretty short to enjoy the sea beauty of Pasir Jambak beach.

6. Nirwana Beach of West Sumatra

Nirwana Beach is the proper attraction during your visit in Padang. It is located in West Sumatra Costal Area that is only around 14 km from Padang City.

The location of this beautiful beach is close to Teluk Bayur Port because it has been popular for its beauty during the colonial era when Dutch colonized our country.

From Nirwana Beach, visitors can see the ships anchored or sailed, both passenger ships or merchant ships.

At dusk and night, the beauty of Nirwana Beach is no less displaying its charm. The flickering lights and all the lights in the port of Teluk Bayur look very beautiful, enchanting and create the atmosphere in the beach area to be very romantic.

7. Air Manis Beach of West Sumatra

If you are visiting Padang City, spare your time to stop by the Air Manis Beach of Padang to see the uniqueness of the Malin Kundang Stone.

Basically, Malin Kundang Stone is a relief of this stone in the form of a broken ship and a human, namely Malin Kundang lying face down on the coast of Air Manis Beach.

The Malin Kundang Stone is a chunk of stone that illustrates the end of life of the character Malin Kundang, a wealthy merchant who upon his arrival in his hometown was cursed for refusing to acknowledge his mother.

The existence of Malin Kundang Stone has popularized Air Manis Beach, a legendary setting as a tourist attraction in Padang.

8. Adityawarman Museum of West Sumatra

The Adityawarman Museum was built in 1974 and inaugurated on March 16, 1977. This museum is referred to as the ‘Taman Mini’ in the style of West Sumatra. This museum is the most important cultural museum in West Sumatra.

The Adityawarman Museum serves as a place to store and preserve historical objects such as cultural heritages.

The Adityawarman Museum contains the characteristics of Minang cultures, ranging from traditional clothing to traditional musical instruments. Located in the center of Padang City.

9. Sitinjau Lauik of West Sumatra

Sitinjau Lauik or commonly referred to as Padang Scenic Point. As the name implies, the most preferred tour at this location is that visitors can enjoy a vast and green scenery, accompanied by the view of Indian Ocean in the distance.

Sitinjau Lauik tourism object is a tourist spot in Padang which is very suitable if you are looking for a tourist site that has cool weather, because Sitinjau Lauik is a place that has an altitude of approximately 1,000 meters above sea level.

10.Miniatur Makkah of West Sumatra

This mosque area usually functions as the Hajj Manasik area. However, the community and local government have also made this mosque as a religious tourism attraction in the city of Padang.

There are several unique buildings in the mosque are, such as a mosque in which there is a miniature of Kaaba. People often call it a mini mecca. To enter the mosque area, you only have to pay 5,000/ person.

So, these are 10 tourist attractions in West Sumatra. Are you interested to visit these locations? Hopefully after reading this article you will become more confident to visit West Sumatra. Have a nice and comfortable holiday! Also leave a comment about which place you want to visit! See you in the discussion of the next tourist spot.

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