10 Popular Tourist Attractions in Jambi At Present

Jambi is refusing to lose in competing with other provinces in Sumatra Island, this province also provides stunning and special tourism potentials. Moreover, tourist attractions in Jambi become one of the greatest and most complete in the entire Sumatra Island.

Starting from exploring nature sanctuaries, finding white-sandy beaches and lakes with charming views, you can get these all in Jambi. Curious about the excitement in exploring tourist spots in Jambi? Please look at this short review.

These are 10 Popular Tourist Attractions in Jambi At Present

1. Sea Turtle Island of Jambi

Enjoying the exoticism of the uninhabited island, with its beautiful stretch of sand and a closer look at the life of the sea turtle in its original habitat, is one thing that you could never forget.

You can get this experience by exploring the tourist attraction on the east coast of Jambi, namely Sea Turtle Island. This small island is one of the places favored by sea turtles due to its safety to store their eggs because this island is not inhabited by humans.

No wonder indeed, because the access to this beautiful island has not been accommodated. So people are rarely come. Thus, you can enjoy this exotic island like a private island, sounds interesting doesn’t it?

Not only its white sand beach, the island is also decorated with rocks and lagoons that make it even more stunning. Very suitable for the hunting of instagramable-photo.

2. Merangin Canyon of Jambi

Want to see the view of Jambi from a different angle? So do not miss the opportunity to visit this particular Jambi’s tourist attraction.

In Merangin, there is a canyon which will offer the charm of the Jambi landscape and the surrounding towns that are very stunning from a height.

At the top of the hill, you will be served with a truly fantastic view of the nature while absorbing the cool fresh air in the mountain.

Don’t forget to bring a camera or smartphone, because this place has instagramable spots to create a popular photo background!

3. Renah Sungai Besar Waterfall of Jambi

Jambi is blessed with natures that are so amazing, no wonder many people are interested to explore them. Including a tourist area, such as Ranah Sungai Besar which has a stunning and untouched waterfall.

Its swift water volume makes this waterfall so breathtaking coupled with its cool water and surrounded by beautiful natural panorama that makes anyone to willingly stay for a long time to relieve their stresses.

4. Pedestrian Bridge and Gentala Arasy Tower

Pedestrian Bradge and Gentala Arasy Tower, Jambi [image source]
Not only its stunning natures, Jambi also has an icon of city tourism that is no less interesting that even becomes a mandatory destination for every citizen.

Where else if not in the Pedestrian Bridge and the Gentala Arasy Tower or what is often called the Gentala Arasy Bridge only.

These two destinations are indeed close in distance so they are often referred to by just one name.

Despite the unfading charm, this unique bridge which has approximately 540 meters of length that was built on the Batang Hari River looks so magnificent and beautiful.

It will be unfortunate if you did not take your time to explore its beauty during your visit to Jambi, let alone the Gentala Arasy Tower which is located at one end of the bridge, it is such a shame if you pass this tourism spot without a visit.

5. Talang Kemulun Waterfall of Jambi

Although its location is not too far from the city center, this one Jambi’s tourist attraction is still not popular.

No wonder the atmosphere at Talang Kemulun Waterfall is still so beautiful and natural, almost like a private waterfall.

So, taking a trip to this particular place during you vacation can be an alternative to relieve stress.

The staircase view of this waterfall which is covered with thatches makes it so beautiful and stunning.

The water volume that is not too heavy makes it fairly safe to be explored more closely.

Nevertheless you must remain cautious when enjoying the exoticism of this waterfall.

6. Jambi Paradise of Jambi

Furthermore, there is Jambi Paradise which is a cool and popular destination that you must visit during the holidays and weekends.

With an area of approximately 4 hectares, this Jambi’s tourist attraction offers many exciting activities.

From the excitement in the labyrinth garden, playing flying fox, biking, and riding a boat around an artificial lake and more.

Entering the Jambi Paradise area, you will be welcomed by a string of vines that grow in an alley, making it a very instagramable spot.

Not only that, some gazebos are also be provided on the edge of the lake that can be used to rest while enjoying the beauty of the lake and drinking young coconut ice.

Can you imagine how calming it is to spent your time in this place?

7. Pancuran Rayo Waterfall of Jambi

If you visit Jambi, it will be a loss if you do not take the time to stop by the Kerinci district to enjoy the enchanting Pancuran Rayo waterfall in Keliling Lake District.

This 150 meters high waterfall is touted as one of the highest waterfalls in Sumatra Island.

No wonder if the splash of water is so thunderous when it hits the rocks beneath it, what a mesmerizing natural charm.

This Jambi’s tourist attraction is quite hidden in which its access consists of winding roads typical to the slopes of the mountain; making it so challenging to be explored.

8. Muaro Jambi Temple of Jambi

Muaro Jambi Temple, another interesting destination which is full with historical values that cannot be missed,.

With an approximately 3,981 hectares of temple complex, it is one of the largest Hindu-Buddhist temple complexes in Southeast Asia.

Located about 26 km from the city center of Jambi, this destination can be reached in no less than 45 minutes by road trip.

Adequate road access makes this Jambi’s tourist attraction accessible. No wonder this place is always crowded with visitors during holidays or weekends.

9. The Lake of Mount Tujuh

If Semeru Volcano has Ranu Kumbolo, Jambi has Mount Tujuh Lake that exists in the area of Mount.

The landscape that being offered with its blue water looks so charming and mesmerizing if seen from a distance.

Located on the summit of Mount Tujuh with an altitude of 2,005 meters above sea level, this lake becomes one of the highest calderas in Southeast Asia.

Its location on the top of the mountain makes this Jambi’s tourist attraction so beautiful and natural with a refreshing cool air which will surely cant hold you—hikers to enjoy its beauty.

10. Sipin Lake

If before we talk about the lake on the top of a mountain, this particular tourist attraction in Jambi is no less fascinating; Sipin Lake.

Its location at the city center of Jambi makes it the favorite destination to spend your relaxing time.

Enjoying a sunset while circling the lake which has many fish cages will be a fun trip that you can do at this place. After you satisfied, you could also buy fishes sold around the lake by the cage owners.

Exploring Jambi seems fun isn’t it? Lots of destinations that you can find here which will constantly amaze you. To make it more fun, come along with your friends and families. Hope this information will be useful for you.

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